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Longest Year [EP] | paroles / lyrics

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Longest Year [EP] - Katatonia

album  : Longest Year [EP]
groupe : Katatonia
sortie   : 2010

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The Longest Year

In the nights of old I always wished
In the longest year that had me down
And I would freeze if you ever asked me
That was my way

Confront the guilt and try to overcome
Do not go away
I'm not there yet

I can see fire
When I fall behind
When I give up
My thoughts redefined
How cold is the flame
Of our uncompromising future
How cold is the sun

The city lights are fading still
The coming sky so white
And I'm the dark of this our new day
This is my way

Find the one
This weight will hold me down
How cold is the sun

Sold Heart

When my heart stops
Will my wings unfold
Did you know that I had no one but you

When my eyes close
Will your blood turn older
Did you know that I had no one but you

In the snow veil
Where the ring of promise fell
In the cool white air
One stood abiding
When the road turns
Will my ghost find freedom
Did you know that I have nothing
So I

Sold my love
Forgot the vow
It feels like nothing comes to mind
I pull the weight
And sing
That there's a new cloud over my grave
Now I know
That it did kill me when I could not have you
Sold my heart

Day And Then The Shade (Frank Default Remix)

I will rise
To dreams of freedom
And avow
To return the treason that came under your reign
The day and then the shade
I have slept
Inside the season that froze within my grasp

All my fears come into view
There must be an end soon
When every waking hour
Is part of the lie

I will rise
Over glass cathedrals
And let go
With my eyes resting upon the nearing dark
The day and then the shade
I have slept
Within the reason that kept me so remote

Make a brand new vow
In the heat of an evening
The darkness swarms
I was nothing, ever
But red like the sun
Dying down over the freeway
Is the brand new sky
Over the mountain ridge

Idle Blood (Linje 14)

You there
Bringer of my despair
You are stagnation of hope and will
O you personify loss and remorse
And you hide until my fears reappear

The love for life once bright
Out of sight
A burning fuse
The only flame I have
Fate's spiral down this curve
Shall only serve
The seeds growing my misery
These wounds kill time
My struggle sublime
Idle the blood
A black state of mind
All dreams left behind

You claim to be my long absent friend
You are the cancer that just moved in
You come with the dark night of the soul
But I am turning my back on you
You know I do

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