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Watch The Sun | paroles / lyrics

You wanna dance you gotta pay the band

Ain’t no fool
Know the rules
I have already played this game before
Got to tell
Know so well
Everyone’s got to settle the score
Don’t believe
Anything’s got to be handed to me
What I want
What you don’t
What I do and what’s got to be
Don’t give much
Need a lot
I’m not satisfied with what I got
Ain’t no fool
Know the rules
If you want to dance
You gotta pay the band
I know you know everybody knows
You gotta pay the band

On the Prowl

Tonight I’m on the prowl
Hungry for more
I’m gonna hunt you down
And hunt you out
You’re gonna beg for more
Coz’ you’re a whore
And I’ll give you what you want
Oh! yeah! I’m gonna get get get
You! yeah! and I’m gonna take my time
Tonight I’m getting laid
As you get paid
They don’t give me anymore
What I’m here for
Let me give you what you want
I’ll please you all
You’re gonna hit the spot
I’m here for you
And you’re all mine

Every Tick of the Clock

I’m so tired
I did not stand the test of time
It has only left a bad fucking taste
Spit or swallow and let it grow
I’m growing old
Nothing to do
I’m growing cold
But a lot to lose
Looking at what’s done
And what’s been lost
Nothing’s making me tick
And every tick of the clock
Takes me away
From any turning back
From now on my lips are sealed
Only cutting sounds were coming out
What can I say, what’s the point anyway
No one to talk to, nowhere to go
I’ll just wait and see
Nothing’s to come, no one to meet

Up to You

Can you show me
What a real man
Is supposed to do
You know I’m not so strong
I wish I was perfect like you
Can you explain to me
Why do I have
To look up to you
To prove myself
I just want to prove I’m up to you
When I’m looking into your eyes
I can guess my future without any problems
When I’m looking into your eyes
Look at the present as a curse
The future as a hope
You’re the one
The fucking one and only that matters
I’ve found a way to treat you like you deserve
You’ll only get what you deserve
Don’t you know what’s down this road
Do you wanna go this way
And now I’m sure I’m up to you
Close your fucking eyes

Do You Think of Me

One more day, I’m so well
Trying to be elsewhere, one more time
Many eyes don’t see me
Too many eyes watch the sun
They lie and pretend I’m not here
And still walk
They fear what I know
They know they are mine
And one more day spent smiling
One more night spent daydreaming
Do they really think I need them
While I get closer to the sun
Such a feeling to see my world in cyan
That’s what it is to light up your lives
“Quite an experience to live in fear
That’s what it is to be a slave”

Get Naked

We’ve all been wearing that same suit
It does not fit me anymore
Too tight
Feel cramped
I need to take it off
Back off
Strip off
Let’s get fucking naked
Get away, get away
That’s a game I won’t play
Get away, get away
I know it’s better for me
Feel like we can’t make a move
What are we trying to prove
A forest of fists in the air
Like the bars of my cell
It’s time to get undressed
Show me what’s underneath

The Price to Pay

Do you believe
The price we have to pay
I can’t believe
This is the price we pay
And you believe
It is true what they say
I can’t believe
There is no other way
We’ve got to understand
Our blood don’t stain
We’ve got to understand
Our loss / their gain
We’ve got to understand
We’re just a link in the chain
We’ve got to understand
No gain just pain
Day by day
We die slowly
Bricks by bricks
Watch us die
Do you believe
The price we have to pay
I can’t believe
This is the price we pay
Do you believe
I paint this picture black
I can’t believe
There ain’t no turning back

Bill Murray's Syndrome

I feel like I’m stuck
In an endless day
Like bill murray
In groundhog day
And all the fun
Has been taken away
Every night’s a hope
Every morning’s a let down
The same shit
All over again
The same shit
Going on and on and on
Don’t know when it starts
Can’t tell when it ends
Am I gonna wake up
And realize
The day is new
Don’t know when it starts
Can’t tell when it ends
Am I gonna wake up on a new day
And find a way
Ten shades of grey
Be amazed again
Be surprised again


I close my eyes to drift away
What I see is just the same
Maybe if I hold you...
So much to say but where do I start
I can’t believe I’ve never known that at all
Go with the flow
Wake up and get up
Day after day
Fall on your sword
Wake up and get up
Day after day
Stormy nights and cloudy day
Can I fix it, what can I do, what can I say
It’s been a short time, but just enough to find
A little piece of mind somewhere under the sun

Waste your Time

I seize my chance
I lock your chains
I stand up
And fight for what I believe in
Use my fist
Use my brain
I can waste the little time you have left
I’ll kill you today, I didn’t yesterday
I am stealing each day your right to live
Now your life is in my hands
We don’t care what it meant
I have no remorse
I have no regrets
I seize my chance
I lock your chains
Choices to be made
And now you have remorse
One more time, I wanna feel your heat
And now I want to stand near it
I can’t waste more time
Your life is mine
No walls high enough
To stop me from moving on

Flood the Air

She’s haunting me
She’s dragging me down
So slowly I’m drowning
The deeper I go
The tighter her grip is
Trying to get pleased
I should have known
It’s not like her
She floods the air around me
She’s killing me
She’s filling me up
I saw her smile
I felt her scent
One last breath, take the plunge
Coz’ down below
I surely find the reason
Going deep, seeking answers
I should have known
It’s not like me

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