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Blood Libels | paroles / lyrics


For the day of the eternal comes, & your remains will be spread among thee
All will be gathered, houses destroyed & women raped...
For he will rise & will fight until the very last day
There shall be no light, for this moment to be unique neither day neither night
His name will then be the only name
From every doors to every angles, in every places on earth
Flesh will rot while standing on your feet
Eyes rotting in their cavities
Tongue drying in mouth
All the hands rising to the skies, pray pray pray for salvation
Fighting for Redemption
Any living form will suffer from the plague
From all nations, they will kneel down, to celebrate the coming wrath
From every doors to every angles, in every places on earth
Flesh will rot while standing on your feet
Eyes rotting in their cavities
Tongue drying in mouth
All the hands rising to the skies, pray pray pray for salvation
Fighting for Redemption
Any living form will suffer from the plague
Servants of Wrath
On this very day, He will chant through me
Anything great is built upon sorrow, through your eyes I see the thousand lives I could swallow...

Cyklik Torture

Awake me, great father
Bless my throat! Thy wordz are spoken
Denigrate, the life I was given Rebirth of thought, that
Riveting time when All the ideas
I never got Lurk the answerz To force real life into
Making sense in my
Mind numbed by the "dream"... I once lived.
Take Me In, yet it's all Carved in my flesh
The indelible scarves
Of who I was, am and will be Predico incultus per animus qoud cruor
Benis ego vestri hostilitas

Control And Abuse

Swallowing dust that sets cells free
Engulfing one to become the Else Reaching an higher scheme
Dwelling above the mass As the snake did slide
Multiple choices got seen
All in curves
All in lines
All in I
Did you feel like you could handle it all
Did she seem fragile enough
Did we teach what could be done
Did she realize what was on
Did you feel any loss of control
Did she get to comfort you
Did you feel the stream you spawned
Did she made it clean in all she offered
Did it change anything in your eyes
And during
The offering
Once an another
Now obtained
Another tool colliding towards the end
Just shaping it all
Bringing dynamics to the whole
All those breather chained
Mouth as battery, locked on one impulse
Wounds as links
Burns as keys

Colliding In Ashes

Those touch used to be like My sin
Now it's come to unseal you within
Never dealt with anger until the day
You burst in fire
Blessed be thee for all that you may
Offer me, enhance me
Fire it up
And Burn it up
Make it collide in ashes
Seven seals that never made it
Conclusion never was your thing
The path choose always seemed to be what made you
Those touch used to be
Like My Sin
Now it's time
To consume your within
Never felt that complete
Until reunion of you & my breathing

Words As Weapons

Words brought back to life
Those meaning and those invective tone we had
What did affect without effect
Took another form one will never neglect
Torments of angels that faded
All those shade I had to sew back making all one
Reaching none while
All those shadows I had to fake
Hiding some form Praying the One...
Trapped in a body
My own betrayer
Not allowing any moves nor excess
An unsharp tool that damage unity
An enemy within that evolves toward statues
Lack of motion, lack of action, Mind overprocessing
For he hath shown the way and put on my path
The pain and the torture of a shattered body
I shall go on, wearing the burden of Pain, turning it
Glorifying it
For it didn't limit the strong For it didn't stop the Evilution
For it just changed the process
And made the whole scheme higher
Battling on different mindfield
Words as weapons
Eyes as judges
Smell the viktory
& sense the defeat

Here Is Punishment

I'll fade your self away
You're just souvenirs after all
I just can't make you hang in there
I just can't peel you off my skin
You won't remember
All the pain you caused well
You were claiming to say
Here is justice, here is punishment, here in me
That never fooled those who listened
Until that day when you prooved us wrong
The wrong matter, the wrong tools
It doesn't matter anymore
It never left our heads, not a word, not a whisper
All kept secret & self deny
We made it sick, we made it wrong
To make it beautiful to go through & so painful for you to breath

Gates To The Outside

Once when Mastery returned to reside
In Prince Death's darkly curtained halls,
Canst thou remember the glorious night ?
Didst thou not answer Him as He calleth ?
Dancing in line, all His acolytes and priests,
The One above all, dread Grand Archgod of Prey
Hath been conjured to rise in their midnight speeches
So together we walked
Walked that nethermost path, one that leadeth to the outside
Behynde where monuments of vanished days layeth wayste
Through the gateway of shadows, where resistance is in vain,
To take Him home...
Ruler fixes His stare so blind,
Painfull to the eye and mynde,
Conquering the worlds in flight,
Plague and Madness to Mankind...
The Gate to the Outside was open too long [x4]

Blood Libels

Desires brought forth, sweet work of torture
Matters not to view pain & suffering as an ending
Feel them as the beginning Prove me that you're more than flesh
Dare to Dare to expose the divine
Moves to call the sins
Sweat dripping, engulfed in streams My life to live again
To see it all through your veins
For days & for days,
Rape you again
Feel you again
What once was shall never be the same
Yet I dream
I dream of those collages of hope
Those I broke
I cherish what I made of you
Crowned & whipped
Blood collecting
For how long will you
Come back to life
I want to end your breath again & again
See me as Saint
Canonize my Name...
Brought back to life, for me to burn all your hopes again - view me as a saint, blood libel

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