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Descend Into Depravity | paroles / lyrics

Your Treachery Will Die With You

Anxiety of treachery, wary of the interloper
Never from the circle, the kindred you've confided in

Always from the stranger, is what you would believe ?
Cold-blooded betrayal, something not easily forgotten.

Envy was the poisonous effect, flowing through your veins
Of what you should not covet, cowardly disdain
You talked all your shit, you couldn't help yourself
Wanting to divulge, craving to share your exploit
Greed in being the king, naive of the penalty

Reveling secrets, proceeded to deceive
Never seen it coming blinded by camardine

Trust an afterthought, of what would not occur
Reflection powers fury, dominating need to act

Angst of retribution, only fleeting thought dismissed
Desire for revenge, strengthening resolve

Fleeing for respite, antagonism boiling over
Settling at hand, consider your life
Forfeit in every way, repugnance in my sight

Bash your fucking head in; don't feel that will be enough
Mesmerizing in your pain, salt the wound that burdened me
Your suffering is justified, afflict as much as i can bring
Contemplating what you've earned, all this anguish you deserve

Must prolong your agony, persecution cruelty
Carving you up like a pig, warranted distress you live
Vindicated mind-set spreads, all over me like gusting wind
Don't distress because I'm not done, we''ll start all over later as one

Your back-stabbing morals have taken away my life
My conduct in your torture must make it worth it
Haven't thought out this process I've undertaken
Extend you affliction I'll work to keep you aware

Wide awake your torment makes me think of how you act
The all-embracing jealousy hidden surging in your shell
No suspicion on you, loved to play the game of loyalty
Misery saturates all know to find me satisfied

There will be no peace for me now
Distrust for anyone I'll ever encounter
Your treachery will die with you

Shepherd's Commandment

We have the obligation, to direct your train of thought
Showing what is prudent
Just fulfilling the mandate going along with trendy disputes
You prove our task
A worthy undertaking, funneling your fury

Greed and corruption, things that are below you
Open minded fairness
You think for yourself, pride and being reasonable
Masses echo truth
We declare the incompetent and describe their blunders
We pronounce the majestic shining light on the renown
We proclaim your heroes citing their humanity
We announce the villains and deduce why you loath them
Media slanted bias, can't be real this day
It must be coincidence
Why are some misguided ?
Consider our sophistication, how is pop-culture with us ?
Going against the grain, just a murky twist of fate
Ordering you to challenge authority, the one of our choosing
Demanding you to worship authority, the one of our choosing

No time to debate, anyone who is beneath us
Not in our refinement, more like neanderthal
Intellectual obscurity, disease of the vagrants
Not for us enlightened, the brains in the room

Everyone thinks like me
We must be are own sheep

Silence all our critics
Dissent can't have a place
Exile them underground

We're not taking sides, just promoting the logical
Why should are careers change what we believe
The goal of being objective endangers what we have faith in
We're the source of truth reporting what you need to know
The duty to guide the quest of knowledge
Framing facts to ascertain the proper conclusion
Helping the ignorant peasants of the populace
Steering simple minds to understand what to ponder

Blameless, on the right side
Influence, justified

Hopeless Insurrection

Technological pariah, daunting powerful adversary
Always changing arsenal, means to match intimidation
Taking advantage of the window of dominance
Mesopotamia to Rome, earned right of an empire
Inferiority a sickness, only cured by ambition
Desire for revenge, fucking drive, determination

Proof of power, eradication assured
Unequaled supremacy, fleeting determination

Greek fire spreads panic, watching vessels burn
In the distance trebuchets, fornication overturned
Dreaded Gatling guns, apprehension to move forward
Shrouded killer subs, in the depths of a nightmare
V-2's from somewhere, horror in the skies
Trepidation over napalm, contagious panic spread
Suffocating mustard gas, despondent villages abandoned
Predator drones overhead, silent unmanned assassin

Until the response, match the outcome facing inward
Destined to obey, or face the vile consequences
Rage replaces righteousness, no way to fight back

Rattle the cage of those who feel secure
False belief in strength
Easy way to get dissected
Something more than a saber,
Stirs resentment, lower existence
Others rise to prominence,
Transparent gloating fuels disgust
Resolve of a sickened nature,
Pressing to overcome
Indifference a way of life,
Fundamental instinct

Occupying fear,
Imposing your will, on those who can't resist
Predator of hope,
Submitting you souls, begging for sympathy
Marauder of faith,
Anticipation of any thing to help you
Searching for mercy,
No pity for you, fucking worthless

Conceived Into Enslavement

Foreseen the future coming dismal, regret
Selfish disposition, paybacks in order promptly
Power, control the means of commerce, dictate
Restrict those who try to flourish, unaided nihilist
Predict, choose who suffers largely, downfall
Invade, no private profits tolerable, contain dissent
Sharing the wealth with those who rule you, divine
Restraint, the sermon lectured to you, frequent rhetoric

Taxing only the rich, but they define, what rich is
Guardianship a must, regardless of your net worth
Bailouts reign in all, manipulate, enduring crowd
Relentless revolt crushed, just fall in line, must obey
All but killing the dream, that's in the past, nothing lasts
Boundaries in line, unyielding law

Prosperity as a whole, oppressing individuals
You'll be part of tranquility, member of the collective

Merely burdening our future generations
Why should we care ?
Taxing you to death, regulate your life, unrest

Must show discipline, follow the rules in place
They only adhere to you, pay or you're condemned

Constant pressure to relinquish more control
in the promise that they can handle the power

Establishment knows better than you do
They just might fulfill the prophecy
Using influence to take care of you

Limit personal freedoms, reimburse combined debt

Trusting fools inflating dependence
Incentive gone to attempt to strive for
Relying on yourself
Giving back clout was not part of
This covenant that masses signed on
Was not signed in blood

Atrocious By Nature

Pursuit of a conflict
Respecting no one
The stance of the vicious

Malicious bout, condemnation, brutal beat down
Hostility, ferocious war, overwhelming

Trouncing every foe obtainable
Indulging in mindless belligerence
Ordinary pain less satisfying
Searching for significant anguish
Sadistic concept edging towards reality
Man made boundaries pleasing the public
Menacing necessity assaulting rationale
Envisioning agony intention is clear

Impulsive deed, aspiration, concrete promise
Eradicate,agitation, remove constraint
Encroach, lucidity, permeation

Motivation swelling to the surface right now
Stalking feeble prey oblivious of harm
Eagerness to the pretense of an onslaught
Without hesitation to inflict anguish

Passion to hunt down and dissect
No grief involved
Sorrow of others my peak
Fulfilled purpose
Assailing the victim delight
Repulsive pleasure
Pursuing culmination of bliss
Premium brand of rapture

Cruelty not even a thought
Nasty nature is habitual
Ongoing incentive to implement climax
Crushing any thoughts of hope
Beyond stalking the painful interval
Teasing concluded invasion commenced
Chronic motive of smashing into ecstasy
Carrying out the obstinate fantasy

Basking in the triumph
Execution expertise
Cessation at leisure
No urgency abound
Evasion halting the trance

Descend Into Depravity

Forgetting promise made in the campaigns
Voting down the line repeating all the talking points
No desire to advance anything but stature
Keeping up the facade reaping all the benefits

Decadence, accepting bribes, to east to bank on the fraudulent
Painless inequity, swapping favors to increase your posture
Forgetting constitutes, only polls will make you pause stockpiling
Latch on, faceless cause,partisan progress lets you proceed

It's not the what it started, but the reward came effortless
Not considered corrupt, just shadily comfortable
Inflating your relevance, citing others deeds as your own
In the pursuit of acclaim, swaying your disciples to give

In the wake of allegations, stay behind the party line
Take admissions to the grave, distract with current
Shape and distort the gaze of the public eye, implicate a counterpart
Degenerative efforts from confusion, a simple game innate to DNA

The celestial altar of fortune,
persuading men to maliciously guard
Exchanging ideas, assets, or support,
protecting the culture of greed
Solidifying your place in the institute,
circling weapons always on call
Rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities,
making sure that you are required

Relaxed immorality takes getting used to
Transformation easy tasting the prize
Merit of compensation roughly void
Perverse means to warrant return

Crooked malevolence can inspire some to rise
Above the law, untouchable prominence
Portraying the figure the followers adore

Preying on the people you preach to help
Lobbying for earmarks sanctioned for them
Starling revelation, entitlement is yours

Dishonesty the tool to keep your pockets full
Affecting everyone whether or not they backed you
Fuck them anyway because they'll contribute too

At What Expense

Your enemy swell from apparent voiced weakness
Propaganda offered on a plate you concede
Not wanting to face, obvious dangers
Turning your back, on rage and hatred

Naively evolving judgment, placing blame where you can
Human nature eludes you, unaffected by others actions
Innocent analysis, simple view of the world
Ideological objectives, priority over conflict

Burying your head in sand, safe and sound
Acknowledgment of the treat, you contradict
The way the world should be, hollow dream
Strength and power of the hour gone
Will prevail, no substitute for gallantry
Courage to face something menacing
Prepared, the boldness to confront your foes
Recognize, daring to defy your peril

Bewilderment abundant
Among rational witnesses
Marginalizing treats, doesn't make the less bona fide
Pandering your platitudes
To a furious adversary, cowering to enemies builds consensus
Obsessed in the belief

Unfathomable viewpoint, needing others' adoration
Mystifying concept, compassion keeps you secure

Baffling contemplation, saying please gets results
Adolescent notion that philosophy disarms

The conscientious objector, preaching to the populace
The pacifist religion, perception of the immature
The antiwar constitutes, bowing to their dogma
The indoctrinating mentors, seeding the inexperienced
Hijack your defense, expose vulnerability
The vice of beseeching, gratification in frailty
Further spreading support of vacating campaigns
No burden to explain your puzzling outlook
Must have confidence-in their sincerity
You have assurance-the enemy is harmless
They are trustworthy-despite the wickedness
It's an illusion

Why defend yourself through dialogue is power
Stated goal your death, room for compromising
Start with concession, surrendering advantage
Conceding any guilt irrelevant of fact

Open hand of peace, commence cooperation
No need for caution, now that we are affable
All historical grievance, wiped away over night
Astonished by attack, considering harmony

Burying your head in sand, safe and sound
Acknowledgment of the treat, you contradict
The way the world should be, hollow dream
Strength and power of the hour gone
Will prevail, no substitute for gallantry
Courage to face something menacing
Prepared, the boldness to confront your foes
Recognize, daring to defy your peril

Ethos Of Coercion

Castigation of the offenders, no punishment out of bounds
Requirement of elucidation, no options to evade

Modify, adapt, and change the rules as you please
Justify to no one, all the reasons for your actions
Dismantle from the pulpit, anyone blocking your path
Appalled in disbelief, the witness of the audacity

Treaties of the past, can't be found
By constraints
None shall dictate, the privilege
Others are devoid of
Ethos of coercion

Subordinates implement, all warranted bidding
Requisitions honored, securing selfish esteem
Skepticism marred, fear of condemnation
Persecuting the chosen, for the lack of adherence

Seize, consign, demand, all detail
Lie, dispatch,diffuse, will convey
Acquiring comrades for the endeavor
Diminish culpability
Gloat, success, above, absolute

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