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In The Absence Of Truth | paroles / lyrics

Wrists Of Kings

Now our blood
Travels though the
veins of our

It bursts forth them
Boiling black
clouds from the wrists of kings

The shadow
Lengthens as
time draws on its tendrils

Creep into mythic cracks
blending with the light of day

We see it
Now Before us
But even so we cannot
Read the lies between the lines

Bring them nothing
They have
Made it's way
The nights

Not In Rivers, But In Drops

Until your voice is heard

And still the arm
Shaken, shaken

Your voice
Still real

And so you say
Unto all

I am ____
Bring them down

World is waiting,
God is found,
Not in rivers but in drops


He is not mad
His thought is clearer than
The saner man

For in her he saw
Beauty overflowing
Through the tattered clothes

She was his queen
She is a queen

In dreams he
Wanders the dark
In search of her

Over Root And Thorn

Your reign is ever growing
Spreading like a moss

across rock, under sky, over roots and the thorns
your reach is ever growing, spreading like a moss

1000 Shards

If only I could
Clear my eyes
Then I might breathe once more
Then I might breathe again

Old sun and stars,
And oceans below me
Gathered scribes over
Jaggad shards, under foot

Old sun and stars,
And oceans below me
Gathered scribes over
Jaggad shards, under foot

To slash to the sound
How many sit on woe or peril ?
How many walk on their own ?

Into the truth
Let myself burn
Now it's written
1000 shards

All Out Of Time, All Into Space

[ Instrumental ]

Holy Tears

He was patient
Slow descent, chills the bones
His wait maybe long
Still he carries on
Always reaching for her
Always breathing for her
Lifting his hand to the sky
Slow change might bring
Holy tears
Upon his battered skull

Holy tears
Holy tears

Her form transformed, from ash to golden throne

Firdous E Barden

[ Instrumental ]

Garden Of Light

I fell asleep in a world dressed in grey
Only to awake in a garden divine
There was song and dance and untarnished flesh
A feast for the body and eyes
It was you who brought me here
Yours, whose face greeted me, in the garden of light
You are the face of god
You are my breath
My life, my death

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