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Wavering Radiant | paroles / lyrics

Hall Of The Dead

Red lights
Stone walls
Rise above our heads
Golden sun
Ray of light
across the room

The sun makes its way in
Destined to wake
You're in my
sight again
Faithful guide
of vanity
Here we stand
among no others
From within
hall of the dead

Makes them going through
the room with white lights

Push forward
Lifeless body at the sign
lay around us
listening above us
Over our heads
they all lay
lifted above us

We must be this band
Of the needy king

Don't look back, press on

Ghost Key

Ice cold
Burnt eyes
The shadows

A fire
burns with
failing light
against the growing darkness

Taking over the night and day
You were with me then and always

Drown the Valley
Without hope
Frozen now
I'd bet you could
End this
Though we deny

Burst out of
All the burning
And now it

In may
above the ground
A lamb is offered
to our god

This is the ghost key
This is our ghost key

Hand Of The Host

It is him
have I [?]
[?] heavy
Under trust

And now the
Chosen children play
[?] down
They rest

Hand of the host
Extending out
Forming figures

All these open scars
form a thin line
Perfect in its
empty conception

[?] my lungs [?]
I am [?]
To [?]

Through the halls
I am there

From the [?]
I am there

Each other's bed?

He lies under her?
It is known [?]

Our memory lies broken?
Broken on the floor?
Cast them out into the [?]
Out into a holy [?]?

Wavering Radiant

[ Instrumental ]

Stone To Wake A Serpent

We've found a weapon

On the other side of the earth
Waiting as the world turns

Here, we see a coiled serpent
Black and naked in the sun

Stone is flung at the serpent, wake him
An arrow of poison pierces our hearts


Slow infection
[?] poison
Numbs the limbs?
Numbs the limbs?


20 Minutes / 40 Years

Death roads extend
from a clouded blackness
They stare on, inside through the ones and zeros
Prophecy of collapse unfolds
Last graves oceans spiral down below

Chance has graced me with a gift
Rest that lonely swollen dark descent

Sun beats down in hailing rays
In this time of anything
I should pray that through this journey I'm unprepared
I wont go

Stay alive
I stay alive
One of

Does he know the way
I wish to stay

Pressed against the ground, I will not [?]

Threshold Of Transformation

I've arrived
King of
lucid dreams

They call me
a [?]

The act unknown
enter in sleep
Here I am turned
and here I see
the circle in
bones made in haste

He waits to
anoint the

In all things left unturned
for all to know
Rising right beside me
will he wait for the quiet terror
Do we known and levitate
embodied by a boy
His voice small and weak
wisp of smoke to be chosen

All by their heads
he places crowns

to witness entire towns

The boy blesses whispers into words
in the painted valleys they await rain

Way Through Woven Branches

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