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Witchcult Today | paroles / lyrics

Witchcult Today

come fanatics, come to the sabbath
thirteen dressed in black are here
screaming, naked our altar
kissed by the whip now satans daughter

our witchcult grows...

black goat forms from dopesmoke
Baphomet we bow to thee
higher, higher devils disciples
nameless chants breed sorcery

our witchcult grows...

father, mother, our brethren, your children
black masses, black magic, with drugs
our witchcult grows...


Dunwich child
you know not your fathers name
dope numbs the pain
ascend dark wooded hills to kane
your mothers witches
burnt at the stake for sorcery
you were conceived
upon the altar, rites obscene

child of Dunwich rise
you have your fathers eyes
child of Dunwich rise
end the world that you despise

Dunwich child,
of whispered past now they'll learn
high on the hill
black clouds gather, now they'll burn
bay at the stars
why was I born at all ?
hear voices of doom
from other world your fathers call

our time has come
the end has begun...

Satanic Rites Of Drugula

under saturns rays I rest in eternal sleep dopesmoke violates my tomb and awakens me
clawing from the grave my batwings spread
their blood filled with drugs, so high, so dead

your dope laced blood shows me new highs
bloodlust, druglust, count drugula arise...

strung out on blood I hunt the streets at night
terror from the sky, in batform I strike
your naked body dragged to my darkened crypt
I tie you up, dope you up then your blood I sip



[ Instrumental ]

The Chosen Few

hail covens this is it
a 1000 amps toll the end time riff
the sky a coffin lid
all condemned beneath its shadow
the chosen few, the chosen knew
spelled out in the stars his prophecy
raise your fists now you exist
the bell of doom strikes 13th hour

the time has come
all the chosen time to put down your bongs
take up a knife end all life
legalise drugs and murder
satanas luciferus we pledge these souls to you
now satans slaves, your lives weren't saved
die now in the shadow of the pentagram

the chosen few, look up in the sky
the chosen few, waiting for the sign
the chosen few, still children of the grave
Satan's slaves

Torquemada 71

baby writhing on my torture rack
your naked flesh bears His mark
feel my caress

Torquemada 71
I am the inquisition
Torquemada 71
from your sweet lips, confession
Torquemada 71
my countess Bathory
Torquemada 71
come now and torture me... yeah

of all my victims, you loved the pain
my necroqueen
the bloody countess reborn again
oui la torturatrice

Black Magic Rituals & Perversions (Frisson Des Vampires, Zora)

[ Instrumental ]


a black sun rises everyday
shadows cross my path as if to say
"change your ways, change your life
look up to the sky"
tomorrow'll soon be here then time to die

I hear if death bell tolling out my life
every strike another plunging of the knife
mistakes I've made lead me to an early grave
I know it's too late I can't be saved

saturnine for all time the only way I've ever been
saturnine in my mind high I sail the astral sea
saturnine for all time I'll never find a way to be free
saturnine in my mind load another hit of weed

as I invoke these words from blackened page
through the black arts I will find a way
to bring you back through space and time to me
my priestess of mars set me free...

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