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Dead Man Walking | paroles / lyrics

From Heaven We Fall

I light a candle on the tomb of the departed, sacrified, crucified, on the cross of ignorance.
In this callous world, chased are the weak, therefore they shall be bled within than snow.
Predators running to fullfil a sadistic appetite.
Driven by lust, the fangs of man shred, strifes to pieces.
I make amend.
Freedom to brake enslavement, to wash the shame away from the face of humanity.
Crucified on the cross of ignorance, sacrified on the Altar of greed.

Written In Black

Fallen angels try in agony admist misery.
I hear the screams, after the burning of the land, in the sand of destruction we die.
Punishment of the fools.
Mesmerized by gold we indulge in crime.
Creation riffled by insanity withers alse the heat of human avidity.
As tears come to my eyes, I realize the fate of man is written in black (by the hand of man).
We embrace damnation with open arms, we embrace death with the smile on our face.
Written in black dark is our fate, we plunge right into the end.
Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth.

Harbinger Of Doom

I pray for justice to rain upon, the head of the sick and deranged to clean the dark soul of man in a bath of redeeming water.
Light shall pray for the corrupted seed of humanity to open the door to salvation.
The sword of love shall reign supreme to extirp creation from the clutches of the detroyer of life.
Upon the head to inferno, man is the harbinger of doom.
The toot for mass destruction.

Day Of Apocalypse

I hear the trumpets of the apocalypse announcing the end of man, so please end this exploitation, Thou shall not poison the earth. Essence of all existence for with her. We fall along into the abyss of avidity. Sealing our destiny with a kiss of death. Defense of innocent life is my declaration. Retribution, humanity harvests destruction. Ad we have shown desolation. Vision of apocalypse complete devastation. Final Judgment falls upon us as we reap the land. When mother earth’s lifeforce depletes, action must me taken to free the world from its sickness. Action for justice leads to freedom. Scorched landscape burned to ashes. Original state of balance forever lost. Creation of nature is drowned into concrete. Oblivion embraces paradise while helpless species die. We forge this world into an hell. Industrial madness consumes gaia. Witness the demise of life under the siege of inhumanity. Breathless mother helpless she dies.

Behold The Face Of Death

I deep my fingers into a pool of blood.
When slained bodies rot in the wake of progress, to write upon the forehead of the wicked race.
Behold the face of death, behold the face of man, behold the face of death, killing with a smile.
Behold the face of death, behold the face of man, behold the face of death, slayer of it all.
Trapped in the game of the enemy, i see the devil in his eyes, dealer of the apocalypse.
Selling the end, sealing our fate.
Redeeming back what you remember, redeeming back what you remember.
Redemption through final extinction.
Our skin will burn as we have burned in the fire of atonemant

Twenty One Twenty Three

Wounds for wounds, sripes for stripes, burning for burning.
Twenty one twenty three.
Carved into the mind of the oppressed.
Before the strom of revolution

The Darkest Crime

Poison runs throught the vein of life.
Time's over, we walk into the land of destruction.
Dead man walking in the eye of the storm, thinking what went wrong
Perpretator of the darkest crime, violation of creation for a destiny held in the hands of desolation.
Is this how it ends, in the flames ?
Destroyed by blindness, i don't want redemption to be gained throught fire.
Dead man walks over the carcass of his life

In The Embrace Of Truth

I am not tempted by your paradise of lies.
Never will I fester in the bowels of decadence.
Committed to nobility for a higher destiny, in the embrace of truth belongs my heart and soul.
I walk the path of righteousness.
My quest for justice is enlighter by the blazing sun of harmony.
I refuse to partake into man's craving for luxury.
A desire fueled by the flames of greed.
In this world, nether culture is a legacy of prejudices against no human animals

Fearful Eyes

Hidden in the shadows of hypocrisy to endure ten thousand abominations, fearful eyes stare the killing machine.
Imprisoned behind the white walls, faces of misery incarnated in the flesh of non human animals.
Fearful eyes stare the killing machine.
Fearful eyes window of a tormented soul.
Anthropocentrism pull the strings of cruelty.
Blood flows from eviscerated bodies to fulfill the need of heartless consuption.
We torture and we enslave for the profit of the master species.
Watch the rise of the new Pandemonium ascending from the dephs of inhumanity.
We bare the crown of crime

Within The Walls Of Babylon

Immersed in a sea of pain, chained to a lifetime agony.
Existence becomes a thron stuck in the side of the innocents.
Born different destined to suffer.
A throne unsurped by man for a kingdom played with tyranny, malicious, vile, mercyless.
Modernity devours the children of earth disgraced.
Before humanity's demented eyes, driven by sickness civilization indulges in suicidal madness.
Within the walls of babylon, wickedness is rampant, and snakes crawls under virgin skin.
I seek a moral elevation, to salvage hopes of paradise, no more cupidity but altruismo restore harmony.
Under a red sky of dying nature, laments of the dead praise revolution.
Tears of the victimized, flow into a sea of despair

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