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Unblessing The Purity [EP] | paroles / lyrics

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Unblessing The Purity [EP] - Bloodbath

album  : Unblessing The Purity [EP]
groupe : Bloodbath
sortie   : 2008

+ paroles Bloodbath

Blasting The Virginborn

I've come to bestow you this crown of scorn
Destined to be cast down
And folded in earth
Resent me
Sworn enemy of the weakened heart
Cursing the miracle
Leech of the sun

Darkness that will overcome
Insurrection displayed
Mark the path in his flesh
And blast the way

Wage the war
Madness awakes and reveals its face
Truly immeasurable
Hidden in all

Insane celebration
Salvation's unborn
Violent is the rapture
Blasting the virginborn

Weak Aside

We're born to reign as masters
To ashes we'll burn the pastures
Repell their ways back to nothingness
Chaos in symmetry
This glorious victory
In darkness only we can see

Our name has seen the future
Headshot target now on god
Pointblank crimson dawn
Spew forth tomorrow's spawn

Transcend with rage of the elite
The new order come to rise and shine
Write new history as we wipe and delete
An urge to rid this world of human waste
Weak aside

Defiled bloodlines severed
The lowlife's doom endeavoured
The sheep of masses trampled under our march
Set out to lead and create
This power indulge our fate
This era calls for annihilation
Our whispers outsound prayers
We claimwhat was never theirs
Sworn to the triumph of darkness

Down... insects bow to me
Die... insects too blind to see
Down... disgusting foul flea
Die... we remove the life of thee

Sick Salvation

Staring through the eye of the chasm
Still at rest but breathing
Enemy be born
Grant us knowledge of the opposition
Spew forth from the earth

Contagious is the one from which the wisdom comes
So sworn
Hibernation draws to a close
Lacerating wings unfold
Hunger will cease
Abominations speak from the dark
Now seek only death

Rise before us
From inside
Release them
Souls in slavery
Come my saviour now!

Face is the one of a reptile
Rotting teeth and lips
Speaking words of sick salvation
Whispering eclipse

Mouth Of Empty Praise

Cast into the lake of fire
Gagged by blood
A thousand deaths unwind
Perseverance is none
Repenting not
Mass decay of life

Call upon
Call on those we scorn
Raze their faith and feeble ways
Mute the son
Deliverance bygone
Mute the mouth of empty praise

Trapped inside a burning field
Sheep of god
Followers who did not heed
The warning
Unblessing of the purity
Once the norm
Darkness holds the blasphemy

Insanity will reign supreme


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