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Commandments (compilation) | paroles / lyrics

Where The Serpents Ever Dwell

Enthrone thy sacred soul
To enter the lands of mist
Invoke the path
Of gathered stars at night

Binding conjurations
In the circle on the top of the hill
Face the crown of history
That is older than time
Break the seal and vanquish your
Vague imagination
Open the gates
And the entire life is found behind

The memory of your name will be carved
In the minds of the shadows
In the mind of evil it will be
Eternal life is obtained for you
Where the serpents ever dwell

Seven Ancient Ones are they
Raise the lords of all that is evil

Awake, by rites
The beyond of man
The living part
Of death approaches

Leave your body tonight
Reach the evil tonight
The final ritual tonight
The end of this world tonight
Dignity is received
From the rulers of the depth
Hailfully praises thee
The obscure freedom is yours

The memory of your work will remain
Through dimensions of time
In the eternal wind it will blow
Eternal life is obtained for you
Where the serpents ever dwell

On Golden Wings

People! This is my world
You are just parts of it
If I would have been a big tree
Then you would have been the fruits on my boughs

But join me
We're all kings
Don't fear for your insanity
Fly on its wings

Take my wings and rely on them in battle and fight
Fly on my dreams in the darkest of nights
Put those wings of gold to the fear of your dreams
And notice that what scares you is not always what it seems

In the end fruit always fall to the ground
And new flowers soon blossom
When watching your rise and fall
My limbs proudly extend above you

Okay, beneath my magnificent crown of tree
I am being stained by dead bark and wounded twigs
Yes, it makes black holes..., but it opens doors
And that's what's giving me places for only a king to rule

Ancient Entity

Beneath the full moon
Covered in gloomy clouds
Obscure funeral spirits
Evil shadows on haunted ground

Every night they rise again
To meet the lords of death again
They live on as souls in eternity
Forced by an ancient entity

Through the mist I see
A circle around the gathered souls
In the mist I do believe
In sacred power of ancient kind

Knights of Satan, dead boys choir
Ten ore more around a fire
Invoking dragons and demons this event
They are not the ones that God has sent

I heard them whisper...

"As you reach the border to the unknown land,
Or when you are visited by the great lords of darkness...
Take your time, have in mind and remember...
This is not supposed to be a comfortable land..."

The Sleeping Beauty

Alone I sit, I wonder why
You dream of love and so do I
But in your sleep you cannot see
This pain which is always haunting me
What I need I'll never feel
This world is for me unreal
So I drink to darkness with a candle lit
And through the whole night alone I sit

The sleeping beauty
She stops the bleeding
She stops the bleeding in my soul
She is fresh air in this stinking world

The more I drink, the more I see
That suicide could be the key
To the place called paradise
Where pain not dwells, not hate nor lies
But if I look beyond all this
I reckon something I would surely miss
'Cause in my dreams I rule my life
And the sleeping beauty is my wife

A Caress Of Stars

I was your fear and you were my fate
I wanted you near but I bred your hate
You left me for dead deep down in the mud
With scars on my head, in my heart and my blood

"A caress of stars
A silhouette in the twilight sky
The daybreak sets on silver seas
My name echoes through crimson hills

On the horizon where seas meet clouds
A scenery shimmers beyond reality
I glance a world as a recent lit star
I am swallowed by universe"

A vacant eye caught the last moonlight
A wish to die to be shining bright
As a star to light your way
To where we are not led astray

Deep in death
Wrapped in the morning beauty
Comes close my love
My dearest sister and friend

Whatever That Hurts

Decoction of Jimsonweed
Slimy trailing plants distill
Claustrophobia and bloodmixed seed
Cursed downstairs against my will

Cobweb sticks to molten years
Cockroaches served with cream
I wipe the silver bullet tears
And with every tear a dream

With every tear a dream

Honey tea, psilocybe larvae
Honeymoon, silver spoon
Psilocybe tea

Energy trickles with the tide
Masterminds and the suicide squad
Drink acid water by my side
Stake the saviour of their daily fraud

Overfilled toothpaste tubes
Sleepless and timeless faces
Drippety drop on sugarcubes
The one-eyed's eye twinkles and gazes

Twinkles and gazes...


A new serum eradicates the illness
An old man rises from his wheelchair
When suffering unknown attacks the painless
And common animals are becoming rare

As water spins in circles twice
Spiders, snakes and the little mice
Get twisted round and tumble down
When nature calls we all shall drown

If the earth is dying of a growing thirst
Rain shall fall on dried out soil
And every kind of bud shall burst
A sough of relief to insects' turmoil

Cold Seed

What heals our snowblind weary eyes
When all start are slain by fiery skies
And every word upon your spiraling cross
Is but a mislead sun, a bitter loss

Inject us out of here

All I asked for was a little love
But from my hands flew the maiden dove
While clouds like cotton snowwhite sheep
Still calm beside their shepherd sleep

Inject us out of here

Phantasma De Luxe

This dole crowner gallows me
As this mere welkin hallowed be
Where upon I trick and train and tire
To limn my umbered love in fire
Before this noble mare bewrays
As I clearly see it all decays
In debile coil of smoke suspires

Ay our last orison quickens as we
Are drumbling near this poize of free
Quell me maculate slowly dyer
Case my remains with sharpened brier
Atone me to my throes curtail
T o dim and dire fields I vail
And my eale's but a slumbering lier

Then so lingered here but none
To buckle back what had begun
In molten aeons caged desire
Dared phantasma us much higher
Ceased to milch the clover flower
Neither raindrops, nor my lover
Shall restore what has been done
When we're all keeled in freezing sun

Brighter Than The Sun

We could wander in the garden of Eden baby
We could do anything tonight, maybe
We could even touch the sky
If we just get up on our feet and try
We could wander in the garden of Eden baby

Will you settle for the bull's run
For the second best of fun, we're turning
For the fire of a handgun
Burns brighter than the sun, we're burning

Any colour you like as long as it's black
You could have anything if you just give it back
You could be a celebrity like me
It won't change anything as you will see
Any colour you like as long as it's black

As Long As You Are Mine

You dance like liquid fire
Like crystal methedrine
You make the stars come closer
The most beautiful girl I've seen

You're everything I want
Only you can set me free
You're an angel in the snow
You're a shot in the arm for me

I will let your LED's shine
As long as you are mine

You move and whisper softly
You make me safe and sound
You're a tranquilizer
You make the world go round

You are here beside me
You make me feel fine
I'll go through any day
As long as you are mine

The Return Of The Son Of Nothing

The warrior went back to Rome
The nomads settled for solid homes
The crusader returned to heathen
The snake searched for garden of Eden

The manikin went back in her cocoon
And NASA flew back to the moon
The great white returned to the coral reef
As the geisha stepped up on a waterlily leaf

Everything was like before
And the pharaohs killed the first born son
Good lord Jesus Christ went back to his whore
The whore went back to Babylon

The pope went back on the dole
And Santa flew back to the north pole
Judas went back to Nazareth
And the president back in his jet

The raven flew back to Hades
And the shemales went back to the eighties
The dandy went back to Perth
And the dead went straight back to birth

Vote For Love

We've been soaked in acid
Always praised the downfall
The sound of cadent wings
It's a wounder we're standing tall
But in the truth of the morning glory
And the fear in our wishing well
We're on to another story

It's about time we all get out and vote for love

We are white zombies
Chained to our own demise
Decades of sleepwalking
No light's shining in our eyes
We've painted all doors bible black
Wir haben niemals kampflos aufgegeben
If there's light we'll claim it back

Time to claim it back


I gave you my love
Though crystallized
I sent you a rose with Nevermore

So many years
So many hours
And only thistles on my shore

For all that it?s worth
The blood on my hands
Is the blood of divinities

And all that is lost
Sound or unsound
Only bonds between you and me

If I go will you follow
Me through the cracks and hollows
And I would be your Cain
If you would be here now

The Mother-of-Pearl
Handcrafted by God
You?re the tower they built to reach the sky

A White Falcon beauty
My mark on your skin
Follow me down the stairs when we die

Your soul is in heaven
Your body in hell
It doesn?t matter much to me

In the night of the unborn
Sound or obscene
Only bonds between you and me

Blessed be our Lady Nuit
Guide us to Ra-Hoor-Khuit
In your night we find shelter
Before the Helter Skelter

Wings Of Heaven

I'll be your master and I'll be your slave
Until the day that you will dance avidly on my grave
Seems like a lifetime we've been living this lie
But I can't help keep lying when you undress before my eyes

The wings of heaven are descending
The touch of her naked skin's amending
The skies will collide
Only for a little while
And it will take us through the night

Thank you my angel like belly dancing concubine
Like Cleopatra you're sleeping safe in a royal shrine
Thank you for the blood and tears and for the table dance
Wholeheartedly I thank you dear for our short romance

Divided (Edited Version)

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