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No Way Back [EP] | paroles / lyrics

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No Way Back [EP] - Norther

album  : No Way Back [EP]
groupe : Norther
sortie   : 2007

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Frozen Angel

We were together as one
All that we had can't be undone
Our love fading, now it's gone
Our time fading, so it's done
The blood that binds us
Till death unites us

Alone we die
My Frozen angel
Alone we fade away
From this world
Alone you die
My frozen angel
Alone we fade away
From this world

We were together as one
All that we had can't be undone
Our love fading the feeling is gone
Our time fading, now it's done
Nothing I do, nothing I say
Fade Away
My angel


See you it's time to go
Good day to die, time to say no
Fuck you, it's time to go
And arrange one hell of a show
See you, you'll hear me say
My gun today will stop the play
Fuck you, it's the only way
I've seen the road, No I won't stay

See you suckers
Fuck you fuckers

See you it's time to go
My time is up, don't you know
Fuck you, it's time to go
I'll give you one hell of a show

No Way Back

I no longer feel where do my heart belong
This shivering wind has frozen it to the core
And the rain that whips my face covers my tears
These dark shades of night hide my fears
There's no way, no way back
Wherever I'm walking

I hide behind my smile
And it hurts me inside
I cry without shedding a tear
I'm sorry this ends here

Still the wind blows and the rain falls on me
And I know there's no way back, no way back
Forever I'm walking

Reach Out

Where have you gone I can't see you
What's going on I can't feel you
Come back wherever you are
Come back just follow the star
What can I do I can't hear you
Where do I have to go to find you
Where are you now
Where are you now

Reach out to my hand
And I will pull you into the light
Hold on to my hand
And you shall never fall again

Fear is keeping you where I can not come
Tear your fears, Let them go with tears

Close Your Eyes

Your guilt bleeds through
Your eyes it's true
There's no way out
Your mouth is full
Of your lies in disguise
You walk away you turn away
You run away you fade away
Wash your sins away, scratch your skin away, bleed your soul away
But you won't escape, cry your pain away, clean your stains away
Close your eyes today, but you won't escape, there's no hope today
Feeling has gone away, darkness is here to stay, and you can't escape
There's no me today, myself has gone away, darkness in me to stay
And I can't escape

No way out
Close your eyes deny it all
Close your eyes and you will fall
One way out
Open your eyes see it all
open your eyes admit it all

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