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Rise Of The Tyrant | paroles / lyrics

Blood On Your Hands

You were born your brother?s keeper
Why can I see blood on your hands ?
How became your brother?s slayer
Embrace again in death

At the end of all this hatred lies even deeper hate
Their darkness has defeated you ? Your lifeline running backwards

Remember ? Sins Of Our Fathers
A Requiem ? For The Countless Dead

Blood is on your hands ? The wages of sin

Future?s eyes closing now
Soul eclipse taking place
Laments rise ? tears of the dead
From the other side of the grave

You were born your brothers keeper
Why can I see blood on your hands ?
Their darkness has defeated you
Your lifeline running backwards

The Last Enemy

Fearless on my final quest
Find truth beyond the flesh
Fleeting past my dreams of unfulfilled desire
My strength unwavering
My journey just beginning
A desperate race through the corridors of hell

Chaos emerges ? Surrender I will not

The Last Enemy Is Falling
Here I am ? To Conquer Death Itself
The Last Enemy Is Falling
Here I stand ? To Conquer Death Itself

Funeral silence beneath the burning cross
My immortal soul sleeps with the wolves tonight
Shin and bones that rot, my blood runs dry
See me die to rise with the gods again

Defy? Decay
Arise again

Chaos emerges
Surrender I will not

I Will Live Again

I don?t know
I cannot see
Who we are now
How we used to be

Is it you ?
Or is it we ?
Look in the mirror
We are a fading memory

Where are we ?
We got lost
In the cold

I will live again you?ll see ? tomorrow?s not scaring me
Far away from yesterday ? just take this pain away

Fatal chaos
Hurtful lies
A broken dream
Is all we left behind

Is it you ?
Or is it we ?
Look in the mirror
Just a fading memory

In This Shallow Grave

Who is your god ? is he not mine ?
Who is your devil ? are we the same ?
What makes you worse
What makes me better

Never to trust again ? how long have I got ?

In this darkened maze
They keep me away ? they scream at night
Screams at night

Who is your master
In this shallow grave ?

Born to die for a lie
I have no soul ? I have no pride

Where is justice in this hell ?
Where is liberty ? I paid the price
My life blood runs dry
Slowly drained from me

Screams at night
?Alone is this shallow grave I die?

Revolution Begins

Since the day that you were born the wheels are in motion
Turning even faster ? play your part in the big machine
The stage is set, the road is chosen
Your fate preordained
We are watching you ? every step of the way

Never too late to stand your ground ? revolution begins
In you ? in me ? Revolution!

Once lost ? lost in their game
Mental chains breaking now
Set yourself free
Who are they to tell you what to do ?
The stage is not set, the road is not chosen
You fate not preordained
They are losing control ? every step of the way

This is revolution !

Rise Of The Tyrant

The end is near. Panic is closing in. Sick with fear they run
Watch freedom?s fall. What have we become ? Cannon foder

Reign of terror. Enslave the nations ? devastation!
This is war ? Pull the trigger. One nation under their control
Rise ? The Tyrants rise! The enemy inside ? The tyrants rise
The end is here ? Feel it closing in
Blood runs red

Watch in horror ? Our lives destroyed
We failed

The final holocaust
Enslave the nations ? annihilation !

This is war ? Pull the trigger. One nation out of control

War, pain suffering
The price we pay to stay alive
Blood, fire, death
His Glory come, his kingdom rise
This world will burn !

The Day You Died

A precious child with innocent mind
Born to suffer, in this life or for another

So hopeless and relentless falls this remorseless day
The dark remains of a violent world

They day you died my tears ran dry
I feel you, I hear you echo in my soul
I failed you, I miss you so
The day you died echoes in my soul

This world?s on fire ? turned its back on us
A lost horizon left behind

So hopeless and relentless falls this remorseless day
The dark reality of a hostile world

Intermezzo Libert?

[ instrumental ]

Night Falls Fast

This earth speaks of darkness
To come in the blood of man
The air breathing poison
All waters running black

Until the sun rises and set on death
The sky burns red like sheer hate
The light in our eyes will fade
To join the darkness of our souls

The earth is losing its light
Night falls fast
Watch the dying sun
We are lost

No angel dares to land
In this hell of mankind?s making
Buried all beauty in our foulness
Nature begins to shine its fury

Until the sun rises and sets on death
The sky burns red like sheer hate

Night falls fast upon mankind
Pray for the dead

The sky burns red
Like sheer hate

The Great Darkness

A greater darkness, my mind?s possessed
Disillusioned, numb emptiness
(No hope) I feel a paralyzing fear
(No salvation) faking control
Their coldness hurt me beyond belief


Will I burn ?
Will I be free ?
The great darkness consumed my soul


Blind my eyes, I hate the light
Despair, frustration, regret
Fighting ? fighting for what ?
Lies, your lies ? I feel dead inside
My pain is all I leave behind

A shadow ? the only light I followed
Transparent I am ? like a ghost

A far cry from whom I wanted to be
I never found my place, my place nor peace


Breathing life into these mares where enemies turn into flesh
This is the abyss I fear the most ? I feel their eyes staring at me

Waiting with carnivorous patience, their memory timeless
For all they know I must succumb sometime?

A solemn cry rises to the sky as heavy wings blacken out
The morning sun with infinite darkness. Am I dreaming or am I dead ?

In search for my heart ? Lost in this hell
The vultures are soaring above ? Tearing me apart

Screaming Voices in my head. A sudden pain then deadly silence
Devouring the remains of my heart ? I can feel it dying

Picking at the bones of my soul
Left me dead inside
The more I gave the more they took
Left me dead inside

The Oath

[ reprise de Kiss ]

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