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Dead Again | paroles / lyrics

Dead Again

The first to admit - I'm a doomed drug addict
And I always will be - hey man, don't follow me
No excuse for drug abuse
Said these lines a thousand times
Don't want to live atrial fib - from neurosis, cerosis

Please make me smile - if you learn from my trial
Baby I'll pay this price - maybe saving your life for ya
I can't state this point enough
The pickup's easy, but the put down's rough
Up the nose or tap a vein - no one else but you to blame

I can't believe I died last night - oh God I'm dead again
I can't believe I died last night - I'm fucking dead again

Chemical joy turning thee paranoid
Recently buried deep Greenwood Cemetery, now
I had no pulse last time I checked
I'd trade my life for self respect
So I say with my ass whipped
There are some things worse than death

I can't believe I died last night - oh God I'm dead again
I can't believe I died last night - I'm fucking dead again

Tripping A Blind Man

Say the word and I?ll be healed Opened eyes
Grease my wheels Since my vision?s be restored

Trip me once shame on you Trip me twice I?m the fool
Thought it?s hidden I?ve been cured

Patience is divine But the virtue is not mine
Turn your cheek gets ripped off
That?s why God gave us four

This is how you spend life Amused by another?s strife
Makes me so sad And confused
Someone?s pain your leisure
Can?t explain sick pleasure I?m so glad I?m not you

Throwing wrenches Gave a false sense of power
What started sweet Will soon turn sour
You think its your place To dispense justice
Well I?ve been sent to judge the judges

God damn love cause it?s breaking my heart
And if I had one wish, I?d see in the dark

Tripping a blind man So easy to do
Tripping a blind man Why can?t it be you ?

You want to play God And I know you will
If that?s the case I?ll be the devil

Now who the fuck are you To discipline me
Innocence condemned by the by guilty

God damn love cause it?s breaking my heart
And if I had one wish, I?d see in the dark

Losing his grip of his seeing eye dog?s spikey collar
Panicking, the startled pet Ran to the street
Sanitation truck Skidding, unable to stop
Shoveled up what was left of His canine Spot

As they left, the ground turned muddy crimson
Where?s my mutt ?
The victim requested
EMS responded ?He had to say bye?
Teary eyed, the old man cried then died

The Profit Of Doom

Of this shape a star of five
Also happens to the one with six sides
Against the sun and against the moon
I warn you that these two combined
Will bring man?s doom
Of ten horns and seven heads
Count your fingers and the continents
On your forehead or in your right hand
This new moral code that the media commands

Believe not in their clever words
Because faith inact(ed) are the loudest heard
All these things I say are true
Understood sadly by a chosen few

April 2029 the final time The end my friend is not near
Thr hour in fact is quite here when the moon becomes red
To guide the living dead
This means God?s turned his back on you
It?s a Friday 13th of course You won?t live to see noon

I am a prophet of doom

So now the star has fallen Washing away the seas
The seventh seal?s been opened It?s raining your fears
Are you paranoid The coming asteroid
Has got your name tattooed on it
This stone?s called Apophis

It brings Apocalypse
I am a prophet of doom

Speak the name of He Created thee all to be
Which should not be spoken No laws broken

Now life and love the stars above
Which fall upon the all that worship the beast
Influence ceased

My faith is an ember Burning ever
Working towards a greater reward Serving my lured

Built his home upon the rock Not of the flock
But coming as a shepherd Guarding his heard

My soul?s on fire

September Sun

September sun blowing golden hair Now keep in mind son
She was never there October?s rust
Bisecting black storm clouds
Only the deaf Hear my silent shouts

Yet in the dark Still he screams your name
Nights living death With witch rhymes insane
Ten years amassed Para toda mi vida ?
Lost man in time Was his name Peter ?

September sun rotted Flatbush porch
I would have run then Had I known the cost
Autumnal rays turned your eyes to stone
Did it give you pleasure To steal my soul

Leave her alone Me ? ? I know why

Halloween In Heaven

The dead they got that morbid beat It goes deo deo
They dance upon decaying feet
With their black toes oh no
Heaven Limbo and Hell Purgatory oh well oh well

Halloween in Heaven It?s Christmas in Hell
Halloween in Heaven Oh well oh well

The devil stole a Yule tree Decorated with souls
Jesus trick or treating As Him below
Heaven Limbo and Hell Purgatory oh well oh well

Halloween in Heaven It?s Christmas in Hell
Halloween in Heaven Oh well oh well

Bonham on drums Entwistle on bass As guest morticians
Bon Scott on vox Rhoads just for kicks
On guitar Hendrix Lennon sits in
With his friend George But where is Morrison ?

Of course I cried When I heard they?d died
And took a part of me Same time gave
From beyond the grave Became what was to be

Elvis ain?t dead So he isn?t here Party never ends
Demon roadies angel groupies Suicide losers
If only I?d known how cool death is
I?d have killed myself sooner

Of harps and choirs Pumpkin pine pyres
Flames of red and green Orange and black
Years to take me back Christmas or Halloween

Halloween in Heaven It?s Christmas in Hell
Halloween in Heaven Oh well oh well

These Three Things

The child is torn From the womb unbaptised
There?s no question It?s infanticide
I?m guilty so therefore condemned
Destroying angels must come to an end Now in Limbo
Deprived of paradise That?s not so nice

At the end I?ll escort you to Hell The dark one?s forces
Lock your flaming cell To murder the ones unborn
The worst sin you?ve ever performed
There are two other things I will tell Know them well

With due respect Hear these words of caution
If considering an abortion If you dig boiling sulphur
To which I will not concur
Leading to a path of misfortune No one won

Of a land that shuns the son So alien call it Area 5-1
Should there be failure to convert Zion
What came as a lamb Returning as a lion

Not a nation but a self proclaim-ed state
Since the year of our lord 1-9-4-8
The road to redemption leads through deserts
Rocky though the trip though is well worth it

I am the duel of the fisherman Simon
He brought Alpha, Omega, yes I?m the one
The twins fell beginning Armageddon
So the whore too who dwelleth in Babylon
All His people gathered round Through forgiveness salvation found

She Burned Me Down

She burned me down Down to the ground
Blood though thicker that water Is harder to clean up
You?ll get it in the end boy If the weapon of choice is love
Expecting it from a stranger Or maybe an acquaintance
Never from family or friends though
A simple mistake and expense
She burned me down Down to the ground

Pissed and disappointed I prey to learn to forgive
If I can?t find it in my heart Then I have no reason to live

Here is an education the lesson professed Is quite cruel
There are some things worse than death
And one of them is you

Every time I see her start a fire I get higher

Some Stupid Tomorrow

I can?t play God Forgiveness is hard
Forgiving also as tough I have my orders
Blood?s thicker than water
Though much harder to clean up

IOI In on it IOI In on it Never forget

Punching walls To prove I?ve got balls
Only got me busted knuckles Therapy is slow
And jail is a no A rotting tit on which I suckle

IOI In on it IOI In on it Never forget

Some stupid tomorrow Some stupid today
Some stupid tomorrow Go away, go away

An Ode To Locksmiths

Been given the keys I knew I?d receive
Be careful what you?re asking for
Thy rod and thy staff Simply twelve toned math
An earful opening all doors

Simon the Roman Gone fission for man
If you?re caught is to be freed Come open your lock
By using a rock Or sowing the proper seeds

Woe to thee all women Of land, air and sea
Adam was the serpent Apple ?tween his knees
Seduced by a snake Worshipped by nations
Banished forth from Eden It?s the male who is Satan

From the tree of knowledge (a metaphor for sex)
Plucked a ripened globe of fruit That of her innocence
Since forbidden, resisted Forcing her to taste
Now I know why girls hate boys Cause Eve was in fact raped

We ain?t goin? home, got nowhere to go

Hail And Farewell To Britain

Once upon a slime I thought you royalty
I would never have questioned Your loyalty
Don?t act so surprised I saw through your disguise
But with friends like you Who needs enemas

Up until recently Never had a clue I must admit I pity you

I?m through with your kind Cause you?ve wasted my time
Please do not release them Lord, knows what they do

I can?t believe how cruel life is
Emotional blackmail Makes me sick, oh so sick

Who is to blame for constant shame on you
These words I use, Don?t confuse, with cool
This misfortune, not lost but won deserved
Choosing is hard Careful which god you serve

Traitors many, surrounding me cowards
Conspiracy so clear to see flowers
We were brothers ?til discovered
Deceit tried with treason That?s the reason you?re beat

All hail and farewell to Britain All hail and farewell to thee
All hail and farewell to England All hail and farewell to me

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