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A Quick Fix Of Melancholy [EP] | paroles / lyrics

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A Quick Fix Of Melancholy [EP] - Ulver

album  : A Quick Fix Of Melancholy [EP]
groupe : Ulver
sortie   : 2003

+ paroles Ulver

Litte Blue Bird

little bird in blue worlds
spinning things with wings
beating the sacred heart
running cold and scared

wanting warmer weather
to leave all winter behind
the cutting edge of the sword
in blood of the burning heart

nailed into unholy ground
and the skies going under
over paradise is offering
something to prevent nothing

little bird in white worlds
singing nothing to hear
without heed of the heart
cut by the swords of heaven

Doom Sticks



loveless vessels
we vow
solo love
we see
love solve loss
else we see
love sow woe
selves we woo
we lose
losses we levee
we owe
we sell
loose vows
so we love
less well
so low
so level
wolves evolve



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