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666 International | paroles / lyrics

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666 International - Dodheimsgard

album  : 666 International
groupe : Dodheimsgard
sortie   : 1999

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Abstract tears to the ground
Soft years of melancholy
A draft of inner advice
To welcome the strangers neighbor
A vast, swift talk of romance and despair
A bellboy's journey through the eight limbs of Yoga

An efficient success of lost ego and body
Flannel flirtation, a chasm of childish obedience
And I can see you all, for this is without blur

Glorious destruction
Glorious creation
Grimly folds with luminous elegance
Winged between the corroded amber

I scent a fragrance from the past
Bright as death, it came soaring towards me
Something's missing and I don't know what it is
Forlon satisfaction, admitting the selfish seal
And the serpent's steel

Directly from the ocean of flowers
Visual contact, planet B8----18
Sonar disturbance
Asmodeus comes with terror
In spontaneous air corridors
All for the phantom to inhale
For today is forever

And the world grew without form
And for those who planted their seeds of
Reliant vulnerability
Chakra Nadmara, I wish I was as fresh as you
Find your way, the "asphyx" teaches
Rumble, dismay, a chronicle of the samurai

Oh you are crystalline, I say, you are made of pain
For only suffering can create such beauty
And only suffering can wipe out your tears

I remember I ate of the tree
And hence of the wisdom of which we may speak of
The tedious ones are those who attends the mask of
Which they seek

I open up for the flavor of starvation
There is absolutely no one there,
And "his" is for sure, as we grasp to reach the light
Slowly to mosey
I'll drag you by your horns
For with a whirling emblem cracking the dawn,
I face the goat at sunrise

Ion Storm

Am I not your super hero
Am I not your golden chain
War fixation, I won the game
Transmit this remedy
Transmit this gain

Prosperity - I'll came across you between the shades
With superior blessings
That apparently was holding the staff
Of which blindness could foresee

Trouble in the corridor
Drained through the system of foundations,
Dear in cruelty
Simulating the opponent
Well besmeared with toxic phlegm

Let me lick you, frustrated joy
A canyon of courage with soar feet
A paradise in motion,

Born without a scruple
Could I please be left alone now

In my hand I hold the science, of which
Nothing can ever penetrate
In my hand I hold the plague
Where silence will proceed
Wild bindings, an opportunity for great men,
And with or without them in honor, just for fun
I mingle with the fountains of all that I've seen

Substantial is the millenium
And proud is the frog that predicated his amusement
All for benefit of reluctant ideas
Like envy is the falsehood, while the morning after
Is all that is between us
As laughter is planted in mortal void
And unwilling wisdom is abroad

Wandering alone in this shapeless halls of nothing
And watch it increase as the shining becomes stronger
This stranger is a "place" for you to rest

Carpet Bombing

[ Instrumental ]

Regno Potiri

Infernal majesty,

Gibbering... pattern, enthusiasm
Slowly affected as light becomes violent
And the exceeding of thoughts is blinded by it's slaves
Monstrous abundance, I'll share the same with you

If you can reach the stars
In the pleasantness of fertile harm, scattered all over
Experience fault, experience the tower,

Grown with its own prudence
And with sketches of the malignant three
On course with the five in line
A heart of those that pleasure must be bent before their eyes

Then I see the dragon rise

The mirror of pain, Graciously caressed
In urge to dispute the male figure
Grotesque shimmering, falsefull tales
Indocrinated formulas
Itches the claws of the humorized bat
And no life there, feeds without love
Cleansed through the whirlwinds as I
Rock the throne of delight
Harmonized as one, redeemed satisfaction, must be pleased
Circular extension, eroticism in the saddle of connection
Infernal power, open up and determine man where he stands
To make our heart complete
And watch the syndromes fall

Proud symbols to be as the seven itself
And no thing is for sure, as we glance into the black sun
The keeper of light, altogether,
Anonymously attracted to the scorpion dancing in his eyes

As our convoy melts together,
We sail the flesh as the apple gets irresistible
Life's put to peace, the silent lamb is conquered
Access, announce, might of great will
And leaps from the shore of solitary
Time to feed, time to let go
Black shimmering, carrier of crowns, prospect mirror rising
Abhorrent teardrops, landscapes, formations,
Accordingly to the ten signs

Ego, echo, tranquillity is born
Diving, divine spectre
Look at me, the draft draws nearer
Female implant, lust is turned to hunger
And freedom towers share the land increased in a global entrance
Eyes colored blue, eyes colored red
Enchanted wisdom breeds the serpents flame
In feminine oceans, united in ecstatic motion,

As we praise the flesh of sodomy with bestial behavior
"O'moonshine", endanger this vioscope glass arena
We see, it's the fall of the false redeemer
He with no hands
Admiring the triumphant move of the elephant
Rhythmic adjustment, sources are bound
A descendant of pleasure in all ways
Divided, stonedrops-silverblue
As long as evil breeds

Final Conquest

The undying strength of groundless loops,

Removed with the allies of violation in
Daylight prospects

Twisting around your strangest feelings,
Like something with crowns and crocodiles

Must they be with the shadows of the fallen gate,
As I see entangling thoughts in dark patterns
Evolving within itself
There I fall down in emphatic, evident chaos,
And suddenly take form,
Like the trinity it self, only faster
Mourning inwards,
I don't think I'll ever reach that day

Total control - a goal in reunion
Ultimate energy - immortal transfiguration
Final conquest - a shattered connection
Of love and beauty
Rest in peace, yeah, I say - Hell on earth

Crossing guards of immunity
Like shapeless claws of irony and tall fictions,

Total control - a goal in reunion
Ultimate energy - immortal transfiguration
Final conquest - a shattered connection
Of love and beauty
Rest in peace, yeah, I say - Hell on earth

Fruitless and seduced, yearning for a kiss
I am despair, my goal reached
Flesh is served, ultimate agony
Grasping my being, fearless into another mare

Wonderful and spastic, wandering along and clenching
The climate of frozen time
Hideous and accurate with bare longing


[ Instrumental ]

Sonar Bliss

I'm the scenery of vendetta
Mind and soul
I'm the shapeless victory
Order and suppression

All in the tower of the virgin
Triumphant in a pale gray light
In despire of how to deal with it
A sweet, turbulent intoxication

Rapidly I yearn to bare the mark
In a tragic understatement of the lions force
A tribe who's independence is no longer
Disturbed by the ragged interception of happy thorns

As I face the whispering
I answer to the master
A biochemical trembling
Voices in my head

And thus I appear with wakeful eyes
Trust insight
A tedious dramatic implant
Like swollen iron feeds itself,
Longing for the moon

Unbreakable and unborn
Sifting the contents of the surface
A ceremony of killers
A scorched fucking snale

In postures of gold
That might be recognized
But as long as there are shelters
You'll always find yourself detained

A huge defenseless atmosphere
Wretched and toiled for centuries
Is ever so tender as long as we're alive
For it is with great wealth that I, declare this

Flapping wings, tired monster
Ruthless in folly frames
Attempting gaiety upon sinister forces
All within, we will win...


[ Instrumental ]


All sorts of ideas
We swarm and we seek
Destined to destroy
Destined to joy

Wish to neglect
Wish to defeat
Juvenile with hall steps
Juvenile with threat

I am with power
I am within
I am with flesh
I am your sin

Naked with balance
Naked in deep
Naked for the first
Naked as we keep

Tall and loud
A shelter for the bleak

I will be your sleep
Blow me throught your canyon

Let me see your apprehension
Smooth and soft
Slick and shallow
Vulnerable reaction
A starlight to receive

I am with power
I am within
I am with flesh
I am your sin

Naked with balance
Naked in deep
Naked for the first
Naked as we keep

Tall and loud
A shelter for the bleak

A short monstrous affair
A pallid gray to hear

Storming through the ego ways
Like something sudden seen
A solvent desolation
A measure stands (just) as mean

Short road epidemic
A child is on the run
As for this I challenge you
On my journey to the sun

I've danced with snakes
I've danced with death
I've seen the short ones die
A manic kill, an epic thrill
I've seen the young ones fly

As all is said, we cross the storm
And watch ourselves in pray
For this no longer a mutant that shivers
This is here to stay

065: Silence

066: Hidden Track

A mainstream of self-reliant diehard tricks
If I move you any closer
I heal with all 666

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