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Mushroomhead - Mushroomhead

album  : Mushroomhead
groupe : Mushroomhead
sortie   : 1995

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How Am I Supposed To Think ?
Can I Feel ? My Hands Are Numb,
My Feet Oh No My Dick Is Dumb
And The Rain Came Down Plucked My Sight
Elevation, Elevation, Elevation
How Am I Supposed To Think Now ?
What's In My Head Now ?
Like A Cheap Parlor Trick Slight Of Hand And The Blood Covers A Soul,
Any Day Now What Do I Feel When I Awake ?
Where Am I From When I Am Lost ?
I Feel So Low, I Said My Hands Are Numb,
My Feet Oh No,
Elevation I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No,
Elevation And Every Time I Get Up They're Pulling Me Down,
Can't Get My Feet Up Off The Ground,
I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No.
How Am I Supposed To Think, now ?

Too Much Nothing

Too much nothing
I'm always excusing myself
But now it's getting hard to tell the reason why I even care
Increasingly I'm unaware
Instead of bettering myself I'm crawling deeper in my shell too much
The whole point that I am alive seems to escape me at this time
Time I think too much
Nothing too much
I've never known how to behave
I think too much
I've never strayed far from the grave
nothing too much
I need to get up off the ground
Nothing too much
To force myself to make a sound

Ego Trip

With A Guilt Ridden Frown Hidden Smiling Deep Down
Laughing At The Crowd Nauseating Sound As The Blind
Lead The Blind On A Crusade For Sight Corralled In The Corner
This Leash Is Too Tight I Can't Keep Up This Act
Please Expand The Role Choking On Dialogue
You've All Heard Before With A Guilt Ridden Frown Hidden Smiling
Deep Down Dying Inside Paint A Smile On This Clown
Tainted Face Jaded By Disgrace Regurgitate Your Faith
Fornicate Your Mind All That Hides Inside Roll Around,
Defecate, Compensate The Mess,
You Made No Escaping,
From The End Ego Trip-Punishment Falling Down
You Can't Get Up Nothing Left To Land On


Mother may I ?
Mother may I please go outside and play ?
Don't put me back in the dark I promise I will not tell anyone mother may I ?
Mother may I please share our little secret of love ?
The way that you touch me, should I feel shame ?
Mother may I ?
Mother may I please feel your warm embrace ?
Mother may I ?
I feel your hands on my face no you can't go out
but you may cum inside of me mother may I please feel you ?

2nd Thoughts

I Hold Your Throat
Within My Naked Hand
I Can Never Hope
To Have You Hear My Word
I Lose Control At The Sight Of Blood
I Visit You Through Six Feet Of Soil Bitch !
I'm Mad As Hell,
Mad As Hell
Why Can't You Understand The Words Shut Up ?
Why, In Gods Name Did You Think You Ruled The World ?
I Am The Punch Line Jokes Can Be Cruel Hi Honey I'm Home
I've Lost My Soul,
You Swallowed My Heart Whole, Choke !


Distraught In Deprived Thought Within A Golden Rave I Make
It A Point Of Being Pointless Brainwash It All Away Distressed
And I Detest Vain In A Shade Of Gray Telegraphing
All Of My Punches Couldn't Fight My Way Out Of A Cardboard Box
And In My Own Small Way I Make An Indifferent, Difference I Realize,
I Fantasize, I Apologize Crawling Under A Rock I Hold Up
A White Flag I Could Of Been,
I Should Of Been I'm Just A Has Been I Hold A White Flag Responsibility,
Rationale, Religion I Hold My Head Down In Disgust Distressed
And I Detest Distraught In Deprived Thought


Beat Like A Dog, Pissing All Over Shit ON The Rug,
Lie Down And Roll Over,
Shove My Nose In The Floor Make Me Think About
Waht I Have Done Pledge Your Dependencies,
Soon Jealousies, Tendencies Turn Secrets We Share,
Into Weapons Of Warfare,
Bleed Like The Creep That I Have Become Face Down In Shit
And I Want You To Beat Me Senseless What Have I Done,
It's Just Begun Face Down In Shit And I Want You To Beat Me Senseless


Mind hemorrhage
fuckin' folding chairs in the hallway
you laugh, I cry
calculating my miscalculations
what is the sign
for I'm choking to death ?
There's something caught in my throat
could it be something I've said ?
Sighted blind,
Braille is fine,
two black eyes,
are you a badass or just a fuckin' asshole ?
There's too much, not enough
God and dog
well I've seen a dog
I'll take my chances
and sleep like a log,
hard in the ground,
dig ?
dog agnostic,
dyslexic I'm wide awake
and I'm wondering if there is a dog

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