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Before I Die

Set Me Free
Let Me Be
Who And What I Am
Why Can't You See?
You Never Seem To Understand
This Pain I Feel Is As Real
As Your Ignorance
Question Fate
As I Await Deliverance
Like A Fantastic Fork
In Bloody Meat
Don't Give Me Love
I Wanna Drowned In Your Deep Divide
Tumbleweed Sew The Seed
In This Ghost Town
You Never Know
What You'll See
When The Sun Goes Down
I Saw Her Last
In A Dream
She Seems To Astound
Heard Of Her First Third Verse
(216) Hands Bound
Taken From Me
In My Mind Empty
Without It Inside
Starving I Am
The Deprived
Just Want It Once...desires
Strong Resistance Is Weak
It's Hard To Win
When You've Got So Many Mouths To Feed
I Could Die
For All Of My Sins
No Not For That
For All That I Have Never Had
This Life's A Fight
For Fulfillment Inside
A War Of My Own Hindsight
Look Back With Resentment
Taken As I Find Myself
All Alone
Taken From Me


We're Piling It Too High
Talk Not Saying Anything
What We Leave Behind
What We Can't Afford To Keep
There's No Sympathetic Posturing
There's No More True Humanity
The Old Ways Aren't Working Anymore
Let's Separate The Users
From The Whores
Creepy Crawl
Twist The 4-5 Cap
To Get Wrapped
Tight Slap The Wax
On The Wheels To Feel Alright
Find The Flow Freak
The Funk Like Your In Heat
Wrap The Leaf
Strike The Blunt
now Your In Deep
We've Got To Get Together
Got To Get With The Game plan
To Defeat The Dealer
That Dealt This Hand
I Don't Understand
Why The Kids Are Killing Kids
When The Only One's That Benefit
Are The Big Whigs
Mankind Unkind
Always A Fine Line
We've All Got To Die
And This Time It's My Time
Hindsight Blind fight
I Hate It When I'm Right
He Destroys The World
While We Sleep At Night
Twist The 4-5 Cap
And Understand That
If It Was Up To Me
I'd Free Charles Manson
Throw It All Away
Let's Separate The Users,
From The Whores
What Do We Have To Hope For
Why Do We Event Try
Laughed At Religion Long Ago
I Doubt I'll Be An Angel When Die

Solitaire Unraveling

Locked Away In A Cage
My Rage Has Got The Best Of Me
Time Finds A Way Each Day
Of Leaving Less Of Me Behind
I Find This Fight Must Be Won
Inside The Mind
So Uptight And Confined
Often Blinded By The Light
Taking It's Toll
On My System
Like Some Played Out Existence
Time Ticks Away
These Last Few Moments
Is There Anything
We've Left Unsaid?
I'm On A Quest
For Atonement
I've Got To Find Piece Of Mind
And A Place To Rest
Biding My Time
Until I'm Strong Enough
To Fight Back
I Hope Against Hope
For Some Resistance
Been Taking It Out On My System
Rest-There's A Calm Before The Storm
And The Western Front Is Quiet
I've Got Rembrandt As My Right Hand
And Solo As My Pilot
Condemned Man
Convicted Man
Could Not Save My Life
Cutting Strand By Strand
Passing It Off
Like Some Kind Of King
You Don't Know Peace
'til You've Had Suffering
I've Suffered
All Of Your So Called Resolve
But You Haven't Tasted Pain
Have You Ever Been Inside
Of The New Masterpiece?
Have You Ever Been Inside?
Rembrandt As My Right Hand
And Solo As My Pilot
Have You Ever Been Inside
Of The New Masterpiece
Condemned Man
Convicted Man
Could Not Save My Life
Cutting Strand By Strand
Strand By
Strand By
Strand By Strand

These Filthy Hands

Haphazardly, Tumbling Hard
Fall Right Down,
Laugh Out Loud
All In The Scheme Of Things,
We're All Looking Up Growing Tall
It's Like Pulling One Hair
You Are What You Are To Me
With Wet Fingers
In My Eyes You're A Star
Petroleum Jelly
You're Something I'll Never Be
And Watch The Rain Dance
You're Something, I'm Frightened Of
I've Got To Get Clean
The Rain Will Cleanse Me
And I've Got To Wash These Filthy Hands
Because It's All Just A Futile Plan
That'd Mean I'd Have To
Believe Again
It's Like A Career To Breathe
An Existence I Can't Conceive
Emotionless As In Slug
In My Imagined Oblivion
It's As Much Fun
As Poking At A Nerve
You Would Swear,
That I Could,
Walk And Talk
No One Wants To Fail
But No One Wants To Work
But I Doubt You Will Ever
Vocabulary Test Is Graded On A Curve
Ever Prove Enough
Smartest Kid Is Stupid
Word Is Never Heard
I Doubt You'll Ever Prove It!
I've Got To Get Clean
The Rain Will Cleanse Me
And I've Got to Wash These Filthy Hands
All These Thoughts And Feelings
Are For Naught Unappealing
So You Expect Them
To Dull And Fade
Still They Remain
Caught Waiting For The Rain
Time Devours Life
With My Soul As The Defendant
Don't Catch Me If I Fall
I May Have Jumped
You Never Know
You Don't Know Me At All

Never Let It Go

No I'll Never Ever Let It Go
Caressing The Downfall
Out Stretched Arms
On Your Knees Crawl
Filthy And Feeling Low
Dancing In The Undertow
The Cut That Always Bleeds
But Never Shows
Everyone Crawls To Someone
Some Run
To The Puppeteer
And Volunteer
To Become One
But Who Pulls The Strings
That You Are Attached To
Who Pours The Gas
That You Are The Match To?
Strive For Perfection
And Strike With Precision
Soon It Blows Up In Your Face
And The Smoke Blurs Your Vision
But Now You're Fading Fast
Maybe Your Time Has Passed
Bound And Gagged
As Your Dragged To The Typecast
Jumping Back
And Forth And Forth And Back
Once More Oblivious
To What It Is I'm Looking For
Goodbye But I Cannot Forget It
No I'll Never Ever Let It Go


Fall From Grace
False Messiah
Laid To Waste
Amidst Desire
Never Found
The Fuel That Feeds
The Fire Of Your Passion
Carbon Copy
Xeroxed Soul
Redundant Thought Assassin
All You Hear
And Claim It As Your Own
Step On Those
From Which You Stole
On Your Path To The Throne
Sink Your Teeth In Decadence
Manipulate The Crown
Drink The Wine
And Toast Us All
For We Will Take You Down

The Wrist

Acting Tragically,
In An Inept Manner
Trying To Act Like
Something Really Mattered
When I Open My Eyes
It's All Gone
Overthrown By Your Children
God Willing Shut You Down
It's Like The Closer I Get
I Start To Regret
What I've Done
A Sick Piece Of Shit,
With The Balls To Admit,
When He's Wrong
React Defiantly
I Am Someone, Someone
Might Even Fool Myself
Before I'm Done
When I Open My Eyes
It's All Gone
Overthrown By Your Children
God Willing Shut You Down
Making Believe
There's Someplace I Belong
Greedo Died By The Hand Of Solo
Amass A Fortress Of Steel
Unsure If I Can Instill My Will
Is Caving In Black
'til There's No Bringing It Back Again
Led Astray By Their Mock Sincerity
False Charity
Chewing Insult
Inheriting Unwarranted Birthright
Crown A Scapegoat
New King Of Shit
Ignorance Is Followed
By Ignorance
Repetition Diminishing Senses
Crippled Libido
Greedo Died By The Hand Of Solo
When I Open My Eyes
It's All Gone
Making Believe
There's Someplace I Belong
When I Open My Eyes
It's All Gone
Might Even Fool Myself
Before I'm Done

Chancre Sore

Self Absorbed
Chancre Sore
Love You Like A Matador
Life Is Just A Metaphor
Nothing's Fair
Love Is War
Nothing More
Love You Like A Matador
Nothing More

The New Cult King

In That Dream I Recall
Pieces Of Prisons
I'm Escaping
In The Next Big Religion
I Do The Cross Thing
The Cross Thing
Which Ever Way The Wind Blows
Your Mind In Time I'm Nine
Our Lives Unwind
We Find The Wine Red Or White
Like The Days Fade Away
A Cloud Of Smoke Blurred Eyes
You're Always Brighter In The Daytime
You Fight It After Midnight
It Just Seems To Me
It's Such A Joke Every
New Walk Thru Life
Just Inherits Christ
You Should Have To Prove Something First
Something First
Prove Something
You're A Godfiend
In That Dream I Recall
Pieces Of Prisons
I'm Escaping
From A Black Hole I Crawl, I Crawl
Beneath My Halo Emanating T
The Only Proof You Need
Is That You Know
And Today's Way's Divine
Right Brainwashed Overnight
You Shouldn't Have To Lose
Something First
Something First
Lose Something
You're A Godfiend
The New Cult King
Yeah Doing The Cross Thing
The Cross Thing
Can't You See
Why I'm Still...can't You See
Why I'm Still Wondering
If There Is A Dog
Can't You See Wondering
Can't You See Why
I'm Still Wondering
Search For Signs
To Light The Path
Show Me The Way
Savior Send
A Glimpse To Glance
And Renew My Faith
Emerald Meets The Oceans
Blue In A Shade Of Grey
The General Knows
Not What To Do
As Tears Run Down Her Face
Nails Through Hands And Feet
On This Cedar Grave
Atone For Sin
Can This Be
Can My Soul Be Saved
All Alone
I Think Too Much
Need To Believe
In Something Real
Don't Need This Crutch
Because It Just Deceives
Can't You See...why I'm Still
Search For Love
Or War To Restore Disorder
Challenge Me
Once More To Hold
My Head Above Water
Drowning Quick
Flooding In Soaked
Through My Lungs
Judgment Day
The Verdicts In It
Seems The Jury Is Hung

Empty Space

[ Instrumental ]

Born Of Desire

I Feel So Helpless In This Haze
Better Days Are Laid To Rest.
Life's A Test
World Of Stress.
Who Is Blessed?
Can I Get A Little Heart?
You Know The Deal
Our Weakness Is We Feel Torn Apart.
Still We've Got To Keep It Real.
Born Of Desire
Conspired Denial
Be Your Own Messiah Savior, Everything.
I Am The Liar
Jester To The Sire
I Burn With Your Fire
Walk With Me.
Pleasing Dreams Are Few And Far
Between The Good And Badly Needed
Breaks In Life
Just So You Don't Hate Yourself
If You Believe
In Some Kind Of Masterwork
This Was All Meant For Something
I Am Truly Sorry
Although I'm Really Laughing Inside
Because I Know
This All Comes Out To Nothing
Go On Believe
Life's Some Kind Of Masterwork
This Was All Meant For Something
I'm Sorry, Laughing Inside
For Nothing
Sorry, Laughing Inside,
For Nothing


Mind hemorrhage
fuckin' folding chairs in the hallway
you laugh, I cry
calculating my miscalculations
what is the sign
for I'm choking to death?
There's something caught in my throat
could it be something I've said?
Sighted blind,
Braille is fine,
two black eyes,
are you a badass or just a fuckin' asshole?
There's too much, not enough
God and dog
well I've seen a dog
I'll take my chances
and sleep like a log,
hard in the ground,
dog agnostic,
dyslexic I'm wide awake
and I'm wondering if there's as a dog

Fear Held Dear

Listen To Me
Listen To Me

You Left Your Mark
Like A Handprint In Wet Cement
To Make Sure These Regrets I Won't Forget
You Tried To Divide
Dissect Me Of My Pride
But I Refuse To Fold Into Your Arms
Media's' Ventriloquist
Anglo Saxon Evangelist
I Find It So Ridiculous
The Fears That We Hold Dear

Listen Please Won't You Listen
Won't You Listen To The Things That We Hold Dear

Too Much Nothing

Too much nothing
I'm always excusing myself
But now it's getting hard to tell the reason why I even care
Increasingly I'm unaware
Instead of bettering myself I'm crawling deeper in my shell too much
The whole point that I am alive seems to escape me at this time
Time I think too much
Nothing too much
I've never known how to behave
I think too much
I've never strayed far from the grave
nothing too much
I need to get up off the ground
Nothing too much
To force myself to make a sound

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