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Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk | paroles / lyrics

Alsvartr (the Oath)

Hark, O'Nightspirit
Father of my dark self
From within this realm, wherein Thou dwelleth
By this lake of blood, from which we feed to breed
I call silently for Thy presence, as I lay this oath

May this night carry my will
And may these old mountains forever remember this night
May the forest whisper my name
And may the storm bring these words to the end of all worlds

May the vise moon be my witness
As I swear on my honour
In respect of my pride and darkness itself
That I shall rule by the blackest wisdom

I am one with thee
I am the eternal power
I am the Emperor

Winds and storms, embrace us now
Lay waste the light of day
Open gates to darker lands
We spread our wings and fly away

Ye Entrancemperium

Draw towards these lands again
Seeking death and sacred soil
I ride the longing winds of my blackened soul
Growing stronger once I enter my empire beyond

Behold my coming

The fullmoon rise above me
Enlightening my realm in a silvery glow
Yet the shadows crawl beneath my storming sky
Guarding treasures from forbidden light

I still remember, though ages ago it seems
The first time I entered the gates
The revelation of ritual death
By which I became divine
Sacrifice of the life I had among the flesh of the light

And now I enter again
Even stronger, yet amazed by what I see
In ecstasy I mock the world

Suddenly I memorize
Asking what I left behind

Can I ever comprehend ?
Will my longing ever end ?


Draw towards these lands again
Seeking death and sacred soil
I ride the longing winds of my blackened soil

Thus spake the nightspirit

Close your eyes
And gaze into this realm
That I reveal
See where eternities are born
Close your eyes
Behold the powers of broken seal
See the liars bound in thorns

And you shall fall
Weakness suffocate your will
Yet never fail

Wisdom guides the one
The strong who can deny

So I speak
Though, am I heard??
Wasting visions on a world of blinded fools

Still I scorn
The vacant contradiction of life
If only to bewilder
The final truth shall speak my name

Thus spake the nightspirit

Embrace my soul

Ensorcelled by Khaos

In an endless maze begotten
To dead ends led by fools
I sought a plague
For those who smiled at walls
In humble fear

Yet belligerent ways came to an end
No war could ease my hunger
By craving death I was
To darkness reborn

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
The maze is mine

No peace for me
No peace I seek
My quest goes far beyond

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
This maze is mine

I hail the greatest fall
Dark is the spirit of my token
Dark is my call

Still craving
Still torn
Hear me master
Of this realm to which I was reborn

"Bear of my stigma. Thou art of me.
Yet, claim no gift, but guidance.
For I am the giver of temptation.
Thou art the executor of Thy rewards."

The cosmic forces driving me
More noble, more free
Love and hate and all in between
I greet them all in ecstasy

Take me

Seduce me
Possess me
Tear my soul from sanity

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
Still this maze is mine
And I am thine

The loss and curse of reverence

Memories of torment strikes me
Attempts were made to suffocate me at birth
I was already ancient
Thou can not kill what breeds within Thee

Alas, this agony
The emptiness of earthborn pride
Hath stirred my faithful heart
Which guided me to darker paths
Far away from their pestilent ways
Cleansed was I from deceitful grace
Yet, put to scorn was I
By those unclean
Enslaved by ignorance
They blindly spat upon the deity of hate
Awake is the darkest fiend

By the fallen one I shall arise

Upon bewildered masses
To whom the indulgence of my soul
Portray as sin made god
I shall revile and quell the source
Whence mockery of my kind derive
This I know
Facile shalt my quest not come to pass
Deathwish be my gift to all at last


Commended no longer as virtue
Yet, shalt be extolled by lights demise

By the fallen one I shall arise

Speak not to me of justice
For none have I ever seen
By God, I shall give as I receive
Speak not to me at all
You and this world ripped my fucking heart out

Again?and again?and again?

Acclamation of bonds

Ravens caw in reverence
Anthems to the Welkin at dusk
In celebration of the few
The kin
Beyond the flesh
Beyond words
Those of the core
Beyond gods
As gods received

I float among them
On wings once broken
Now gleaming black
I share their song
Of words unspoken
Cries of the past

In times of fiendish tempest
Bloodlust turns against the coil
Hungry for the fall
I greet the pit
Blind Savage
Cursing Life

Yet, at the moment of my final step
The hands and golden chains are given
Bidding me that which can not be deprived
The bonds of trust and unity
Till the end

Brethren and sisters of my circle
I acclaim thee all
When guiding stars are clouded and deranged
Fear not to take my hand

The bonds of trust and unity
As gods received
Till the end

With strength I burn

Deep Green Dark Chaos
Blinded I run down these paths
By heart I know them
They lead to the searing cliffs
Stout they stand above the water's edge

And this is my foundation
Cold stone
Formed only by winds and time
How invulnerable

I have longed to be at one with this
Yet, the waters call my name

For once I wish to see
The entity behind the voice
The face of this seduction
The beauty of my pain

Am I blessed or am I cursed by thy presence?
What is my crime?
What is my deed?
Is the life my redemption

Shall I repent or proceed

I hate my flesh
It's dimension poisoned my soul with doubt
It made me question the essence of?
The "I"

Slaves are those of this world
Given freedom to lay chains upon the Master
The wolf is no longer free
Release the chains and come for me

The elder:
"Suddenly his mournful cries were stunned. Out of the cold mist came three enthralling ships. Sails torn by many a storm, and the bows adorned by the most fierce gargoyles he'd ever laid eyes upon. Yet, the crew they bore? Three times twelve in numbers. They stood motionless, wrapped in grey, worn gowns. And from behind their shadowed faces the seductive chanting. Bidding him on board. Without hesitation, he accepted. And away they sailed?"

Upon these seas
Wherein I drowned so many times
I scatter the ashes of dignity
Still my flames are in hunger

With fire in my heart
Shall I greet the shores ahead
Though, I know not what will burn


In the distance
I hear the waves wash over solid ground
And in this moment I am struck blind

Grant me sight so I can see
That which lies ahead of me
Cursed be my mortal eyes
For dying in the realm of death

Hear my call?

I return to the soaring cliffs
They truly shine of strength
Even tough, I nothing learned
With strength I burn?

The wanderer

[ Instrumental ]

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