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The Link | paroles / lyrics

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The Link - Gojira

album  : The Link
groupe : Gojira
sortie   : 2003

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The Link

I want to protect myself from others
Dream, I run to a better place
hell, illusions, see
This state of me unconscious
want to undertake to feel my soul
I want to build some fire
burn myself
I decide what I see

Call my name, i'll be there for you

Wrong and right
I want to create things
beyond, insight
I want to build some fire
run to myself, dive

find a link between wrong and right
understand, you create what you are
be the link, you are what you create

And now comes fire
Left and right connected
call my name i'll be there
I am there for you now
understand, you create what you are

Death Of Me

A giant bright eagle has come
on me and taken away my universe
I find myself in trouble now
I put my soul in irresponsible hands

exhausted I no longer try to reveal myself
and I no longer want to free my soul
But I must not forget all what I did for us
This way I feel myself irreplaceable

You had finally come to death
and you will never come to life again
Burn ego's black reality
bring on the light I want to see your face

I feel the end is near for me my world goodbye
people of the dead, I join you
in this confusion I don't even recall my name
there is something inside I want to reveal

I feel like I'm a part of this
and this a part of me
I know one must have confidence
I will overcome

From now on I'm "this", and not "me"
I feel like I'm rising from the dead
From up here I see my inner world is dying
I'll overcome my pain


[ Instrumental ]


I feel I come from better conditions
buried deep in my mind I forgot
awake my soul
I want to find and drink this light

Images of the past
other lives and other places
always the same embraces
I return to where I've been

I take inside a forward movement
Involved in desire of consciousness
progress, understand
I want to find the keys of the past

remember the past present future
memory is a force
so many things have happened
to me the hardest of all

But the gates would never again
be opened to me unless
I could bid them open at my
own will and command

I feel I come from better conditions
(opened them at my own will and command)
buried deep in my mind I forgot
(opened them at my own will and command)
always the same light, same embraces
(opened them at my own will and command)
I take inside a forward movement


[ Instrumental ]


Ride a horse that's cleaving through
the air and space of dreams
travelling through time
All alone I pray
where am I ? Who am I ?
And that old man trust in me
His words are running now
because we have lost all guides
you're extended now to a world of light

you're not the one
you think you are
since you were born
you're only love

On a mount I'm standing now
and it's coming over me
that I'm not here,
I am on another plane
humping around, hit myself
I returned inside of me
tears sliding down my face
[I die again]
And the horse is leaving me
running out of space
running out of reach

you're not the one
you think you are
since you were born
an Indian tribe

Embrace The World

I sit on a rock
cannot be touched by struggle & confusion
I reclaim my space inside my structure
look at this point
all is about nothing, everything comes near
the remotest parts of the world

by silence
we can dissolve disruptive vibrations
I have to try
Ga?a's alive for good
under my feet the forest
over me the largest
It's roundness I feel
Lifelong misery
How do we get to Avalon ?
There is a bridge beyond
indestructible the earth is a temple

I cannot see what is wrong and
All gods are one

I close my eyes
I'm all around, I feel so present
embracing it's vastness I hold
facing the world
I become a part of it
I'm not alone anymore

I embrace the world

Inward Movement

Slow inside I take my time
will come and fill the empty space
my wound I'll nurse I'll understand
my pain one day will disappear

The land beyond is deep within
I took the path & I cannot go back
I've just connected myself with I
but I don't know me that well as you see

cover the distance
find my world

I walk inside to the heart of my kingdom
climb up a mountain and stand on the top of it
I am the king and I am the servant
follow the rules of loving mighty power

Over The Flows

Over the flows
I take my time
I search and turn around
Watching the stars
I want to dive in the sky
deep inside of me

Over the sky
I found a place I can be
no need to run
Follow my heart
I understand why and when
and what it's all about

Watching the signs
dancing all around
Over the flows
I find now a way
speak the words
already know
and now I learn
open the door

Wisdom Comes

and even in our sleep
pain that cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart

and in our own despair
against our will
comes wisdom to us
by the awful grace of god>

ease your pain
i cannot
with suffering
i don't

he who learns must suffer
and even in our sleep
pain falls drop by drop
upon the heart

against our will
wisdom comes


[ Instrumental ]

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