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The Perpetual Motion | paroles / lyrics

Out Of Breathe

A broken window
An open door,
A cold wind blowming,
Some leaves strewn about the floor,,
Rain drops falling down the ceiling
A wall with cracking paint
Something dead in the sink
Is this wold lost?
Where's common sens?
Nothing more to say
I cannot believe my eyes!
Is this world a ghost,
A dead man waiting,
A forgotten king?
I can not believe my eyes! (I don't know!)
I'm out of breath
Is that the better life that you promised?
I'm out of breath
I don't want to realize it is hopeless
Are better days to come?
Is that life changing?
Will I find my breath again?
I feel drained
I feel drained
From fighting fears each day
I feel drained
I Feel drained
Who could accept to live this way?
I'm so tired of feeling ashamed
Of living this way


I can't hide
Myself from this terrible
Feeling of
Frustration that finally
Led me out
Of reality, leaving
Me without strenght
How can I face myself?
It's growing
Inside my ming
A threath I can no define
This strange feeling screams
Deafening as a Horn
Since the day I was born
Shall I stop
And try to face it
Burning in stifling heat?
I'm on my knees
What the hell is that thing?
It is unrelenting
This is the sad story
Of a boy in love with apathy
But feel no mercy with friends
The boy will ask for help until the end of time
I'm feeling sad
I'm feeling sick
I'm feeling bad
But I'm too weak to face this decline
It is always by my side
This feeling's driving me mad
And now I can only implore
But they don't want to gibe me the love
I'm begging for
In their eyes
I can see
The spite and the growing anger toward me
But what else can I do for them?
I do my best, it's true
I'm not able to live on my own
So please just leave me alone.
What the hell can I do for them
If I don't feel ashamed?
This is the sad story
Of a boy in love with apathy

I Can't Get Rid Of It

I can't get rid of it
So stained by my own thoughts
Because today
I'm just a beggar

So What Else Could We've Said?

And I feel myself so close
To this lost boy that we blame
He is so weak
Yeah we have all felt the same
He'd life us to forgive
Every mistake he made
But we can't accept
Him acting like a child
Is there someone left to help him
To listen to his complaints?
Everybody's run away
From this fearful young man
Who cannot stay alone.
But what else could we say?
"It is time to become a Man"
And now that it's over
Have you forgotten what happened?
We've been through some many things
So many memories you can't bury
How do you realise
The things you've done?
But what else could we've said?
At that time, you went too far my friend.

So Be It

It's been a while
Since I made my decision
Got this conclusion
But I still can't realise
(I)'ve got to open my eyes
(I)'ve got to open my eyes
Now it's getting too close
I don't feel ready to lose
My current life
Tomorrow I'll become a father
Present is now turning to past,
My time's just run out too fast
"not responsible"
Keep that picture in your minde
I can't be young forever
I can't be young forever
So be it
A gate opening to a totally different life from now on
Tomorrow I will cherish my own child
My very first son
So be it
How could this new life not be worth while?
Now it's getting too close
I don't feel ready to close
My current
Tomorrow I'll become a father
Tomorrow I'l become an "elder"
This new life, this new life
As fascinating as scary,
His new life's been made for me.

Everyday Life

Wake up
A new day has come
Bringing new fears
It's tme to face the crowd
Outside the sky is wearing grey
The clothes are worn
Colours faded away
I wish I could stay stending
I wish I could stay strong
But I can't stand on my own
Everyday life, everyday death
A strenght forever gone
(The) outside world reveals my distress
Dead man walking the streets
Doing a senseless job the live
Perpetual motion of fears
Buried alive: everyday life
Those feeling of confinement
Bring me down
Six feet underground
Help me
Because I can't stand upright today


How dould I've fallen so low?
What tortuous ways could lead me here,
But is that really unfair?
Would I be able to say "I'm sorry"
What king of man am I really?
Will I one day find again
My will to be?
How many years did I waste?
How many chances did I Miss?
I don't want to count them anymore
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
I thought I did my best
But I still lost control
I can't stop this endless fall
Yes I fall down constantly
Have all my friends deserted me?
How could I've fallen so low?
I don't know!
I can't stand this idea
Am I too blind to see
That I always did my best
To stay fair, to stay right?
It didn't seem to be enough
Now I'm lost in the night

By The Way

By the way
The more I think about this sad story
The more I feel deceived
Couldn't I have been betrayed after all?
I understand that things have changed in your life
Should I feel guilty about that?
No I won't come maskless
All this ime
I did my best to protect my integrity
But it's a lost cause now
My will to belieave in humanity
Simply sank and faded away
The vanishing pride of a mortal man
Since this evening of torment
This bloody argument
I felt so guilty
And evil

My Friends

(I) Feel so angry
I know I'd better calm down
But this feeling's too strong
I'm on my own
My Friends
How did we get in this situation?
Let's face
Our mistakes throught this confusion
I ask myself
How such a friendship could break down?
After so many years, did we come undone?
Am I on my own?
Will we be able to
Find a new way to feel
Trust, love, sympathy in pain
As we did before
So now what's the next step?
Will we try to rebuild ourselves?
Will I be on my own?
Please stay by my side,
So many things have changed
In our way of life
I want to hope that we can stay close
Let's gather together
To earn what we've got
What we'll get

Even If

I'm walking back home
In this cold night I'm walking alone
I've never gone this way before
Maybe I was wrong
When I Made this decision
I should have listened to your recommendations
The way I always did before
But everything have changed tonight
Tormented by spite
I don't know if I'm wrong or right
And now that I'm lost in these fields
Frightened by my own shadow
I regret what happened
How could you let me go?
You gathered so many stars in front of me
Our life seemed to be fine
As far as I can remember
Even if you blinded me
Even if you lied to me
Even if you betrayed me
Don't abandon me!

The Knock Out Song

Let's get in the ring
It's time for the match to begin
Are you ready?
So let's start the fight
It's time to get in the spotlight
And spill blood
Is that the way you prove to your friend that you're a man?
Don't think that's pathetic?
What did you just say?
Don't apologise, you're dead anyway
Are you ready?
So let's start to fight
It's time to get in the spotlight and spill blood
I'm bleeding and bleeding still
Even if it hurts, I want to stand
"You know, it's like an old song, a sad fairytale
Punches and kicks remind me of wolves, witches and ghosts."
But.. I think I'm losing my mind, I had better wake up
Let's get in the ring!

This Is No Firewell

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