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The Nameless Disease | paroles / lyrics

We Cry As One

A deep frustration's running through my veins,
A dark light's entering the church
By pale glass windows
And I feel so cold.

I can't stop looking at the wooden box placed
In the very centre of the nave.
I'm trying to imagine you...

We're in the home
Of life and death,
Where each being takes end.
And time flows with the sand!

We cry as one,
Your friends, your family.
Death has stained this day.
And now he's gone away.

I think you would be smiling
Listening to this priest today
Before his church.
I can still remember
Your songs about Christendom and slavery.

I can't realise!
Death before my eyes!
Listening to this sermon's lies!

He's never seen you!
He's never talked to you!
How can his white lies be true ?

But I have to understand,
This prayer that pays tribute too
It's not here to be true, but to help us go through
The deep pain that we bear, the way we all suffer.
Our dreams of paradise get the pain out of our minds.

It Can't Be !

I have just opened my eyes
I slowly start to realise...

It can't be!

How many times did you fight up to now ?

For how long have you prepared your withdrawal ?
I could not have predicted this outcome my friend
I had better close my eyes once more again...

(Be)cause it can't be

I have just opened my eyes (again)
But I don't want to realise.

I can still remember the sound of your voice,
You looked better, you can't have made this choice
No It can't be!

I can not stand the idea
That you have been so silent
Eaten by your own pain
You tried suicide again

My brother, my old friend,
It can not be the end
Of your smiles when your face was shining with joy,
Of these hours we spent, speaking about our great band.

How Could You ?

Sometimes I try to realise that you are gone.
Sometimes I think that I'll never, (Can't) go on alone.
An endless fight, to look normal, to be funny.
I can only paint deadly smiles on my poor face,
My poor face...

How could you leave us so suddenly ?
How will we live ?
How could you leave us so suddenly ?
How will I live ?

I'm so angry with you,
How could you
Hide your pain this way ?

I'm so angry with myself,
How could I
Be so blind ?

Every morning the same nightmare
Won't I wake up ?
It's the worst pain I've ever felt:
You've given up, given up...

Because you hated life as life hated you.
Like a nameless disease, like an aimless torture.

I have searched for answers to explain your suicide.
I've preferred the version of an impulsive act.

But you knew all this time that you'd finally go.
You've prepared your own death with a smile on your lips.

We lost a friend,
(A) part of ourselves,
It will never be the same!

Something has died
With you this day
We're the orphans of your smiles!

How could you ?

Won't Follow Him

Can't you feel
That I have changed my mind

About my lure of death
And suicide

I've felt myself really ashamed
Since the time

I lost one of my best friends
And my mind

(I) Won't follow him!

I think that I would not do some-
Thing like that to the people
Who protected me when I was younger

But I can't really feel some hate
My friend was so afraid
That he has not realised

The pain he would make me feel
The pain he would make us feel
The pain he would make them feel

This wound that can't heal up
This mouth that won't shut up
Remembering us that he's gone

He left this world behind
To run away
From depression

But I can't really forgive

It's The Same For Everyone

You won't wait a long time,
We will join you soon
It's a fateful crime
But it the same for everyone
We live our life and then we go

(I) know you were suffering
Watching us a last time
Emotional torture
But it's the same for everyone
We live our life and then we go

Everyone's already lost someone...

How many friends, relatives and loves
Have we lost

Will it take end, will we be able to stop,
This endless pain

But no one is prepared
To live something
Like the suicide

Of a 21 years old Friend
Who lived his life in pain
And went before his end

Now that you are gone,
Lifeless as a stone
We have learned something,
That it's the same for everyone
We live our life,
And then we go

But we can't accept
To stay without you!
A common wish to die
But it's the same for everyone
You've left our life
(But) they have to go on.

Somewhere Else

Somewhere else,
Anywhere far from this place
(I) can no more breath
While I remember your face

Today again
(I) won't come to weep for your remains
Can't find the strength
Oh yes I'm coward, yes I'm afraid

But please don't look at me now
I think that I won't bear
To brave this confusion
Oh yes I'm coward but I don't care

Oh please don't look at me now
(I) Won't come to stare at the show
Of your bed made of stone
Of the worst thing you've ever done

I can't
Come to blossom your grave
My feelings
Should fall in pieces
(And) dissolve in my veins

I don't know if one day
I don't know if one day I'll come
To read the beloved name
Engraved on your new home

I don't know if one day
I don't know if one day I'll come
I don't think that I will
(Be)cause I'll be somewhere else

I can't find the words
In front of your mother
I now that I'm sad
But I feel better than her

I can't imagine
The hell she's been living in
Since the day you've gone
You, the younger son.

Her feelings have felt in pieces
(And) dissolve in her Veins

"The difference between guilt and shame is very clear:
We feel guilty for what we do.
We feel shame for what we are."

Joy & Happiness

My friend, we can't forget you
As you wanted us to do.
This letter you've written...
These words... Your last deed.

We can't forget, we can't forget
The one you used to be.
But we will always smile
When we'll think about...
These great moments of joy and happiness.

But there is something
That we won't forget either,
That will always be present
In our souls and in our minds:

Whenever we smile,
We can't take away this taste
That lingers in our mouths
(The) taste of eternal regret.

We miss you my beloved friend,
More than we thought it was possible.
We miss you my beloved friend,
It will never be the same (again).

(Be)cause all this time, all this time we've
Passed together has changed us.

All this time, all this time
Obsess our thoughts every day.

And everyday we'll have a thought
For the soil in which you lay.


[ Instrumental ]

Quietly Kissing Death

What should I've said ?
What should I've done ?
What should I've guessed ?
What sign should I've read on your face,
What sort of friend am I ?
I've been so deaf I've been so blind.

I didn't understand your pain
And I feel so guilty my friend
I realise that for you
We didn't count enough to

Give you the strength
To fight for life
To face your pain

You have preferred
To close your eyes and run away.
I imagine your face
Quietly kissing Death

You should
Have found the strength
To fight for life
To face your pain

You have preferred
To close your eyes and run away.
I imagine your face
Quietly kissing Death

I can imagine your face
Quietly kissing death.


All the things let undone,
All the smiles that are gone,
All the love you won't know,
All the places you won't go.

The Bathroom Monologue

I can remember a lot of moments with you
Talking and talking again
Dreaming on music
Becoming famous, playing with our idols
Joking about Nicolas car

Yes, a lot of times
So I can't understand yet
And I start to feel very cold
In this bath that is getting empty
Just like me

I'm speaking alone
Can't you realise ?
Can't you realise ?
Look at me now

I think I couldn't feel worse
Speaking to a ghost
The best friend I ever lost

Look at me now
You have to realise
My friend
How huge is
The mistake you've done

No I couldn't feel worse

What have you done my friend
What the hell he's done something like that ?
Why did you hide your pain ?
Why didn't you ask for some help ?
Maybe he did ?
I think I'm lost
Yes I think I'm really lost
I don't know what to think
There's like emptiness of myself

A pathetic naked boy speaking to the walls
We could call it the bathroom monologue
What do you think about that ?

But wherever you are I hope you keep laughing
Just keep laughing.

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