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Deliverance | paroles / lyrics


Falling inside again
This nightmare always the same
Still never enough
Halting at the brink of discovery
Moving into the darkness
Leaking inside to cover up
Dragging me down and under
Entangled and undone at once
Old memories
I'm not in need but wish to know
What are the tragedies
The history behind the walls
Pacing further down
Familiar children's laughter
Dissonant and out of time
And their eyes are dead
Watching myself in a pool of water
Wearing the mask of a ghost
Smeared all across my skin
Rotten earth and insects
Endless night
Always preserving the calm
Movement behind
Bleeding animals in a field of fire
There is no absolution
Death is but a fairytale
They are mere visions
They are afraid of me
Clear insight
A smoke is rising nearby
Dust covering my coat
Blend together to spell my name
Pale, covered me with sweat
There are no words left
Sole provider of death
Distorted faith in myself
Human harvest burning
Blackest pages turning
Twisted perception come true
Captured in dreams connected
Staring right back
Spiritual decay - Still seeking
Frozen in time
Mourn this departure - All watching
Calling me back
Closure to bleak matters - I'm leaving
End of a search
Coming of morning
Calling me back
Closure to bleak matters - I'm leaving
End of a search
Coming of morning - Returning


Floating on mist
crept up the caverns of my brain
receving no warning
from nothing to a life code
walk with me, you'll never leave
wait to see your spirit free
tell me how your heart's in need
as i drown you in the sea
unwinding snares of distrust
your wrist in my face grip
look me in the eye, i'm clear
this is your time
face down beneath the waterline
gazing into the deep
from love to death
in a time span of seconds
oblvious to regret
pushed into belief
in liquid cellophane
gasping for air
mercy in my eyes
is the shade of the night
the piercing sounds you make
soaring higher, higher now
and once left in my wake
your memory is nothing but the scars on me
all over now
forgotten why i needed this
standing down
disappear into the obscure
resting days
waiting for new disease
biding time
looked inside insanity
it always burns within
the downward spiral never ends
when driven into sin
your salvation's found in a sinner's deed
the devil guides the day
tells me what to say
pours himself inside
and snuffs the final light

thrown back at me

laughing at me

A Fair Judgement

Losing sleep, in too deep
Fading sun, what have I done
Came so close to what I need most
Nothing left here
Cut the ties, uncover disguise
Left behind all intertwined
Lost control, moved out of the role now
Nothing's left here
Leave it be
It was meant for me
Soul sacrifice
Forgot the advice
Lost track of time
In a flurry of smoke
Waiting anxiety
For a fair judgement deserved

For Absent Friends

[ Instrumental ]

Master's Apprentices

There is a voice calling for me
There is a light coming down on me
There is a doubt that is clearing
There is a day that is dawning
There is a wound that is healing
There is a season waiting for me
There is a road that is turning
There is a fire still burning
A sickness in me
Constant pace towards the end
The need is stronger
This time the need is deeper
There is a peace I am searching
There is a freedom I'm depending on
There is a pain that's never ending
There is a rain falling only on me
There is a dream I am living
There is a life I am dreaming of
There is a death I'm awaiting
There is a home I am deserting
i hold my breath and wait
only moments remain
movement for departed hope
effect for absent friend
sever the faith from my body
leave me begging for more
take what i have and deliver me
into everlasting sleep
soothing trance
colours fade
and disappear
ethereal light
showing me what i can do without
in a motionless scense
there is only me
i take what i can
controlling you to get ahead
fading away
and leaving
long for sleep
closer now
lead the way into death
every wretched dream
i have left behind
every waking hour
i lie in wait
sucked inside by will
gone into the flood
all my questions unfurled
as i was put to the test
once i'm below there's no turning back
plunging into the deepest void
departed shell left drained behind
pacing roads unknown
searching for a new home
desert in my eye
barren lands inside

By The Pain I See In Others

Let me taste
Let me feel
I need to know what you keep inside
No need to speak
Just let it be
Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere
Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil
Discard your clothes
Let loose you hair
We're intertwined forever and have always been
Say the word
And I'll depart
Upon your lips dwells nothing but the meaning of my cause
And so comes the dark
Vibrant as ever before
Flowers already withered
In this endless winter of souls
Outside in the park
The days move along
And nothing ever changes
They have nothing on us
And we've always knew
That nothing ever changes
Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil
This is ours alone
Feeding of the warmth
Lured out from inside
Depending on the life blood
Move in me and set me free

"Htaed otni yaw eht dael
Won resolc
Peels rof gnol
Gnivael dna
Yawa gnidaf

Tuohtiw Od Nac I Tahw
Em Gniwohs
Thgil Laerehte
Raeppasid Dna
Edaf Sruoloc
Ecnart Gnihtoos"

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