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World Of Glass | paroles / lyrics

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World Of Glass - Tristania

album  : World Of Glass
groupe : Tristania
sortie   : 2001

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The Shining Path

Don't care if I choke....
Sacrifice me for my sins
For my beliefs
Spit at me
Die...with me
When I'm gone
Death will come to you
Death will come...

The flames went high to lick the skin on her chin
The words she said
For those words she would die
The crowd circles around her
Praising their merciful god
Her screams got weaker
"Heathen, heathen"
The mass was shouting
The children that once were loving
Now their small hands were full of rocks

They found her bleeding
The dark night came creeping
Was she one of the devil's own kind ?

Beyond belief
Beyond the pain
And grief
I lay low
And crawl deep
Choosing the narrow path

Fear your thoughts and let the father judge them
Walk the shining path and guide the weakling along
The crowd circles around her
Praising their merciful god
Their screams grew higher
"Heathen, heathen"
The mass was shouting
Hunt down the profane
And put them to the torch

Burn me on the fire
Call me liar
Shout at me
Cry for me
When I'm gone
Death will come to me
Death will come...
Burn me on the fire...


"...The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven,
blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and in the
fountains of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the
waters became Wormwood, and many died of the water, because it was
made bitter..."

I can see God's unborn son
Playing with a loaded gun
All our sins...
He'll die for us...
Or did somebody lie to us ?
I can see the shape of God
Drowning in a pool of blood
A mighty choir of ancient generations sings
Behold! The hand of death
Squeezing out earth's final breath
The stars are falling from the sky
And I know why

See God and his hand of death
Squeezing out earth's final breath
How did it all come to this ?
Brought to us by Judas kiss ?
I watch the sun go out
I've lived to see the end

As I watch the sun go out
My loss of faith replaced by doubt
All our sins...
He'll die for us...
Or did somebody lie to us ?

Let us pour one final drink
Fill the glasses to the rim
The world's on fire
I still can hear the choir sing
Behold! Your nightmares are fulfilled
God just got his final will
The world stops spinning
And death is all around...

Join this toast
God is dead...

Tender Trip On Earth

Another day
The next page
Still in daze
Still in a dream
Out of the pipe
My lust for life
Comes and goes
From above
Demanding purity
Cursing me like a sledge
Hammering down at me
Out of the water-pipe
I suck my lust for life
And all my floating dreams
It seems
Up on the gallery
God shouting down at me
Something I can not hear

Tears falling from the sky
Words from a lullaby
Everything beautiful dies
For now, we're hanging in
Though we are blessed with sin
You make my tired heart sing

You can be a sunbeam
And shine for a while
For a while
You can laugh a lot
And bring out that smile

For now we're hanging in
Even though we're blessed with sin
You make my heart...
You make my tired heart sing

Tears falling from the sky...

I'm on a tender trip
Slowly I'm loosing grip
Madness is in the air I fear
Stay, you're my acid-queen
Stay on my faded team
Run through the corridor with me


I'm harder than the life I've lived
I'm stronger than the pain you give
It's lost...
So lost
The world you're in
The life you live
I see the lies
The darkside of the smiles you give

I'm one
I'm anyone you like me to be
I'm gone
Whenever you would like to be free

I'm older than the years I've lived
I'm colder than the smile you give
My life has been the dreams you say I'm living in
How long will you be lost, my dear
When will you give in ?


You've had your last regrets
Reached your final depths
Deepest pits
Stepped aside for the world to pass you by
Chose to leave the fear
You are stuck in a world of deadlocks
This time it's real
This time it's for real

This world
Its evil ways
The pain that I hide
Let's make this happen...

Left with the shame
Will somebody out there give me the blame ?

Show me
It's too far to see
What God made of us
Tell me it's a dream
Was it meant to be this way ?

Selling Out

Am I alive ?
Feels like dying
Down, down
Fists are striking me
It gets so dark
Or are my eyes blinded ?
Down, down
Boots are kicking me
The coward, the sinner, the thief
The liar, the misfit, the creep
I'm running out of
Steps to walk
Of air to breathe
And words to talk
I'm running out of
Noise to make
Of jokes to tell
And hearts to break

For days burned and frozen lies
The years that passed me by
The child in me just died
The scars in me will never heal
An overdose of nothingness
My visions are for sale
I'm selling out

I am alive
But always falling
Down, down
I hear voices calling me
The coward, the sinner, the thief
I am alive
Kind of wasted
Down, down
Hands are reaching me
The coward, the sinner, the thief
The liar, the misfit, the creep

I'm running out of
Dreams to dream
Of tears to spend
And screams to scream
I'm running out of life again
Turning into dust

Hatred Grows

Out of the dim
The ships were closing in
Painted to kill
Kill and be killed
More than fight to survive
I'll give you strength to continue the fight
I'll feed you anger and soft little lies
Out of blood hatred grows
No place to hide
Kill and be killed
More than fight to survive
I'll be your shining star
I'll be your guide

Wounded and dying
The screaming of men
To death it will be
Enemies attacking again and again
So much pain
So many tears
Out of blood
Hatred grows

Beneath the flags
He watched them row in
Painted to kill

Seeking the courage to stand up and fight
The war drums were sounding from ships out of sight
My god is great
I've killed before
All is fair in love and war and peace

The vultures awaited their feast
Circling low...
Where dead takes the dead only our ancestors know
So much pain
So many tears
Out of blood
Hatred grows

World Of Glass

All you ever wanted
All that you desire
Walk the line with me
I'll take you higher
I feel your body shake
Put me on fire
All you ever wanted...
All that you desire...
Who's the prey
What's the play
God created
Stay with me
We are the ones God hated

I'm a falling stone in a world of glass
I'm a ticking bomb with a smiling mask

Can you ever let go ?

I'll play you like a violin
You will be queen
I will be king
I'll chase your scary monsters
On the run
With me you are safe
I'm in control

I'll fulfil all your dreams
Every fantasy
I will be
What you need
Satisfaction guaranteed

Can you see them ?
Can you hear them ?
Can you feel them ?
Do you fear them ?

The Modern End

Camera angles
decadence of a dying world
Long dark corridors
They've got the urge to die young


Carousels and fireworks
Ferris wheels
are spinning in the arc-lite city
Do they know
They have slept for so long
Do they know
The taste of their tongue
Do they know
They are trapped

Let's celebrate the modern end
Let the world begin again
Celebrate the renaissance man

Crushed Dreams

You choke a scream
Crushing a dream
Made the scheme real

Show this sinner your precious god
Lift the blame off my shoulders
With a simple thought
Show me life's pleasure
And how it is caught
Not just the air I breathe
Or the dream I forgot...

The last smile
The last word
It's time to face the final outcome
The pagan
The godless deeds
Your vacuum made complete


Preparing for death
Awaiting the light to shine on us
Wishing the sun to fall down on our heads
Show us the joy in the world that we're living in
Turn our dreams into sin

Your first breath
The far tolls
It's you these bells were made to call for
The pagan
The godless deeds
The last hypocrisy

Walk the path
The shining path

Lift this prayer to heaven's heights
Feed my mind with the most glorious thoughts
Sacrificing all my dreams
For this I will serve and honour to death
Or do I just fear the tyrant's wrath

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